Tu-22M3 bombers hit ISIS east of Palmyra | VIDEO

Russian Aerospace Forces intensified strikes on facilities of armed formations of international terrorist organizations near Palmyra.

This morning, 6 Tu-22M3 long-range bombers took off from airfields in the Russian Federation and carried out the second strike on newly detected ISIS objects located to the east from Palmyra, and near al- Sukhnah, Araq, and T-3 oil transfer station in the Homs province.

Strikes caused elimination of command centre, ISIS field training camp, 2 oil refuelling facilities, a lot of manpower and military hardware of the enemy.

All aircraft have successfully returned to their bases after performing assigned tasks.

Representatives of the international coalition have been informed in advance about time of the strikes and flight corridors for reasons of aircraft action safety.

On July 12, aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces performed more than 50 strikes on manpower and hardware of the ISIS.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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