photo of Saiga AK-74 used by dallas shooter

Source: photo of Saiga AK-74 used by dallas shooter

A source tells that when Dallas SWAT made entry after the detonation of an explosive device, they encountered a Saiga IZ-240 semiautomatic rifle on the floor among the rubble.  The weapon had a 30 round magazine, single point sling, Magpul folding stock and a Primary Arms 5 power scope.

This photo is purported to be the actual rifle used

This photo should be credited to

Made by the Kalashnikov Concern at the Russian IZHMASH Arsenal, the Saiga IZ 240 is a hunting style rifle with a black polymer stock and hand guard.  It has a 16 inch chrome lined barrel, a side mount rail for mounting optics and comes with a ten round magazine.  The Saiga does not use standard AK mags but can be converted to accept them. The IZ-240 fires the 5.45 X 39 cartridge and is legal in all 50 states,


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The rifle used by the shooter was modified with the addition of the following parts:

Zenitco BTK Flash suppressor

Magpul Zhukov stock with cheek riser .75″

US Palm grip

Zenitco B13 rail

Primary Arms 5 power scope

Tapco magazine

The importation of rifles manufactured by the Kalashnikov Concern was banned in 2014 by an Executive Order issued because of Russia’s belligerence toward Ukraine. The ATF banned importation of 5.45X39 Russian-made 7N6 ammunition in 2014.

A picture alleged to be the shooter’s body has come out.  It is very graphic.

Details have emerged about the shooter.  He had been in the Army reserve assigned to the 420th Engineer Brigade as a carpentry and masonry specialist. He was sent home early from Afghanistan in 2014 after  a complaint of sexual harassment. He also attended civilian shooting training at the Academy of Combative Warrior Arts in the Dallas suburb of Richardson.

A spokesman for the New Black Panther party confirmed that the shooter was member for about 6 months. He left the group after he displayed reluctance to follow the chain of command.

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