Russian Mi-25 in Syria hit by US anti-tank systems

In Syria, the Russian troops suffered combat losses. At Palmyra downed helicopter Mi-25 with two pilots-instructors on Board were killed. Group ISIS released a video of the fall of the machine. According to Russian military sources, the Islamists shot down a helicopter anti-tank missile system TOW American production.

The tragedy occurred East of Palmyra. A Russian Mi-25 (export version of Mi-24), which was piloted by pilots to Rafagat Khabibullin and E. Dolgin, made a test flight. At this time, the positions of Syrian troops attacked the forces of DAESH.

“Having spent ammunition, with the turn to reverse course by ground fire, the helicopter was shot down by terrorists”

“The crew received a request from the Syrian command group for fire damage to the attacking militants. The commander of the crew to Rafagat Khabibullin took the decision to attack the terrorists. Competent actions of the Russian crew of a terrorist attack was thwarted. Having spent ammunition, with the turn to reverse course by ground fire, the helicopter was shot down by terrorists and crashed in an area controlled by the Syrian army”, – reports TASS citing a source in the Ministry of defence.

One of the pilots is among the elite of the Russian aviation. Colonel to Rafagat Khabibullin was born in 1965 in the village of Vyazovaya guy Starokulatkinsky district of Ulyanovsk region. For reviews of knowledgeable it people, since childhood, he aspired to become a pilot, but immediately after school to carry out this intention failed: failed in school for health reasons. After completing military service in the infantry part, he still entered the Syzransky higher military-aviation school. The war in Syria for Khabibullina – fifth. In 1992, he served in the zone of the Ossetian-Ingush conflict, then in Abkhazia during the fighting of 1992-1993.

Participated in the First and Second Chechen war. There, in Chechnya, in 1994, Khabibullin was severely wounded and eight months spent in hospitals. In August 2008, he participated in operations in South Ossetia. In August 2009, after the creation of Budennovsk air base of the first category, Habibullin became the Deputy commander for flight training. During his life he received many awards. Among them – order “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree, the order of Courage, order “For military merit”. “He was a wonderful person and an exemplary family man”, – told reporters the Deputy head of Starokulatkinsky district Miner Bashirov. Have Khabibullin is survived by his mother and two brothers.

My partner Khabibullin not much is known. 24-year-old Lieutenant Eugene Dolgin is the native of Saratov. Graduated as the best, Syzran higher aviation school. As reported in the Saratov newspaper “Vzglyad-info”, my profession Dolgin chose, you might say, by inheritance. His father, Victor, Dolgin, a military pilot who fought in Chechnya. In August 2015 Eugene got married. Relatives and friends describe him as “a simple and honest guy.”

According to “Interfax”, the Mi-25 was downed by a shot from American TOW anti-tank complex. The helicopter was hit in the tail boom. The fact that this weapon was in the hands of ISIS is not a surprise.

As reported by the newspaper VIEW senior researcher in the Department of near and Middle East of Institute of Oriental studies Vladimir Sotnikov directly to the Syrian opposition, the Americans, these anti-tank systems, a very widely used in combat, not supplied. “But it did, for example, Saudi Arabia. She put them in multiple groups. In particular, there were reports about the delivery of these systems to the Syrian free army,” he said. And the subsequent penetration of this weapon in the hands of ISIL are not excluded. It could be bought, and taken as a trophy. It is also worth noting that TOW anti-tank systems – one of the most common anti-tank missile systems in the world. In the civil war in Syria, he is armed if not all, then very many of its participants.

Relatives of the victims will receive insurance compensation in the amount of 2.3 million rubles. Both pilots will be buried at home, in the native settlements.

With the death of Dolgin and Khabibullin mournful official list of losses Russian troops in Syria amounted to 13 people. October 24, on the basis Hamim lost aircraft Vadim Kostenko. On 24 November, the Turks have shot down a su-24M. Killing the pilots Oleg Peshkov and Konstantin Murakhtin, and also participant of the rescue operation – marine Alexander Pozynich. On 26 November there were reports about the death of 27-year-old contractor Fedor Zhuravlev.

3 February 2016, it was reported that died in the mortar attack, a military adviser to Ivan Cheremisin. March 17, triggering fire in the area of the village of Tadmor, killed senior Lieutenant Alexander Prokhorenko. On 12 April near Palmyra crashed Mi-28N “Night hunter”. Two crew members commander Andrey Okladnikov and Navigator Viktor Pankov, died. 11 may it became known about the death in Syria of the soldier Anton Erygin. On 16 may the Ministry of defense confirmed that the hospital in Moscow from wounds sustained in Syria, died a contractor Michael Charokopos. June 19, was informed of the death of Andrew Timoshenkova guarding the convoy and managed their lives to prevent the undermining of the suicide bomber.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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