Dugin’s Guideline – Kerry’s Tour of Tbilisi



Hello, you are watching the program “Directive Dugin”. Americans perked up in the post-Soviet space. So Secretary Kerry is visiting Georgia today. Tomorrow he will come to Kiev, and Obama, meanwhile, is eager to Warsaw. Bypass the Empire on the perimeter…

Why the US activity in the area of our direct strategic interests? There are several reasons. After Brexit there is a clear weakening of the Atlanticists – with all the pressure from Washington, the British withdrew from the EU and weaken Europe’s Anglo-Saxon influence. This strengthens the position of continental European forces, and, most importantly, it again underscores the importance of Russia as an alternative pole. It becomes obvious to all. Therefore, the Americans began to fuss and began to carry out an audit of its anti-Russian vassals – as if they did not succumb to the tranquil charm of a sovereign Russia. Moreover, the statements of Jean-Claude Juncker that an alien civilization is extremely disappointed with the EU, has finally demonstrated: the European Union, with its tolerance for Mcdonalds and other satanic perversions has finally lost the last vestiges of rationality and become really scary. To latest allies fled from misunderstanding, which is a liberal Europe, Kerry and decided to visit and to reassure the Georgians.

Talking about the Georgian Russian is difficult. On the one hand, this wonderful Orthodox people, we are bound by thousands of threads – religious, historical, and cultural. Russian poets of the Silver age were taught the Georgian language to read the original great works of art. Russians love Georgia, and presence on this beautiful Orthodox land such characters as Kerry, coming with the explicit aim to further add fuel to the fire of Russian-Georgian controversy, can not hurt.The more that recently the Georgian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church has demonstrated a complete solidarity, together did not go to the Cretan Cathedral that threatened to harm the unity of Orthodox irreparable damage. And in principle, relations between Russia and Georgia slowly but improving. Deep ties of kinship are more important than the fate of the difficult geopolitical conflicts, most of which are in the hands of the same West. Therefore, for the Georgians it would be better for Kerry do not start or at least to give him the cold shoulder.


But while Georgia, alas, is still in the force field of US and obstinately hopes to someday be in the same legal and cultural space with the schizophrenic Jean-Claude Juncker. This is a very dangerous delusion. And expensive can become Georgia. Clearly, Kerry is again to push Tbilisi to aggression against Russia. Exactly the same thing he will do in Kiev. All Pro-American forces in the former Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe mobilized on the eve of the fall elections. Atlanticist strategists believe it is an opportune moment to inflict on Russia a series of strikes.And the post-Soviet space – the best springboard for this.

Of course, the political establishment in Georgia, now Russia has few real friends and allies. But, nevertheless, this ally is – though not in political circles. It is the Georgian people in their deepest identity and the Georgian Orthodox Church headed by a Holy man – Patriarch Ilia II. Here it is with the people – and should we, Russian, to enter into a historical Covenant.

Good evening! Have you watched “Directive Dugin” about the visit of US Secretary of state Kerry in Tbilisi.

Politicians come and go, people remain. The Church of Christ will stand to the end of the world. And if this end is destined to happen, we Georgians should stand on the same side. On the other hand Obama, Juncker and Kerry.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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