Dugin’s Guideline – Delicate Escape: Brexit

Good day! You are watching «Dugin’s Guidelines». Once again, let us discuss Brexit as the topic is of paramount importance.

Brexit has happened in spite of all efforts applied by the globalist elites, in particular, by Washington. We have seen it has come in as a big surprise not only for David Cameron, resigning in its wake, but also for the White House, EU leaders, and George Soros. Writhing in agony, Soros had summoned his hordes of liberals, LGBT, and left-wing anarchists to protest on the London Bridge last Saturday fiercely chanting, ‘Migrants in, Tories out!’ The most desperate advocates of an open society in the UK even demanded to cancel the referendum or convene another. In fact, the most disgusting specimen of the world elite had put almost everything they had against Brexit, but Brexit crushed their bet and they lost. This thought cannot be but relished by this elite’s foes – from Moscow to Donald Trump and eurosceptics.

Now, let us wave emotions aside and try to figure out what actually happened. The first obvious question is: who is next? And here we already have a number of states that are likely to follow the set example. First and foremost, France, where the National Front, a right-wing conservative party, had won the elections to the European Parliament a few years ago with a strong agenda to leave the EU. Marine Le Pen is now in the spotlight again working her way towards Frexit. Greece, suffocating from debts, now has a new hope: the time to say «Oh» once again has come. Only now the eurosceptical appeal will be used by the ultra-right-wing Golden Dawn party as the ultra-left-wing SYRIZA party had lost the people’s trust having agreed to compromise. In many countries the right-wing parties celebrate Brexit as their own victory: in Austria – the Freedom Party of Austria, in Germany – the Alternative for Germany, in Italy – the Lega Nord. And they have a right to do so: this is their victory, verification of their analysis and a new argument for growth.

However, enough of jubilating with our European conservative allies, who are, by the way, our natural allies indeed; let’s now try a sober analysis for a change. Europe without Britain has an unexpected historical opportunity. We have seen the US, to be more exact, their ruling globalist elite failing to prevent Brexit, and we may conclude they are not that omnipotent after all, which means you can do what you want irrespective of what Uncle Sam wants. Furthermore, yet another even more drastic change is possible – Donald Trump wins. Now it’s time for the US themselves to exit. To exit NATO and abandon their clearly failed role of a world leader. This weakening of Atlanticism may trigger the Anglo Saxon exodus from Europe. We cannot miss that chance.

Instead of continuing to undermine the European Union, we could try to reform it fundamentally. Apart from a Europe controlled by NATO, there is another project of Europe controlled by France and Germany – De Gaulle and Adenauer’s vision. Strong continental Europe can become a full-fledged geopolitical pole in a multipolar world. That pole could be much more independent and influential than separate national State which would return to the routine of conflicts, nationalism, territorial disputes and fratricidal slaughter. In this case the Franco-German Europe is created without the US patronage and it’s British vassal, the buffer zone made up of East European puppet regimes will collapse as genuine Europe cannot be molded without the Great Russia. Neither Putin, speaking about a Great Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok, nor Jean-François Thiriart, a Belgian geopolitical scientist, speaking about the Great European Empire from Vladivostok to Dublin earlier, mentioned Britain. Moreover, Britain and Continental Europe simply cannot fit in the Great Europe together. And now when Britain is out, there is a chance.

To cut the long story short, let us skip trivial euroscepticism, though it is justified by the circumstances, and rather focus on another productive project – fundamental geopolitical reform of the European Union. Today – on a conservative basis. This shall not be Europe ruled by Soros, gay parades, and bankers, but a highly spiritual, cultural, and ethical community. Russia could be actively engaged in building true traditional Europe, reviving its Greek and Roman heritage – just like we did in Palmyra where we protected the ancient city against hordes of fanatical barbarians. Many European cities also need liberation and we can help. Just as we did many times with the Russian Cossack horses’ hooves treading the roads of Berlin and Paris.

See you next time, you were watching pro-European «Dugin’s Guidelines».

What we really need today is a true Holy Alliance under the banners of Jesus Christ promoting healthy conservative values.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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