Neither Syrian factions nor Turkey can prevent Kurdish federalism: US think-tank

“The regime is not in a position to deliver a decisive blow to the Sunni opposition—to say nothing of reclaiming the territory it essentially ceded to the Kurds in the north and ISIS in the Euphrates River valley—but regime forces have consolidated their control over much of the western portion of the country,” Rand researchers argue.

Although the Sunni Arab opposition, Turkey, and the Syrian regime and regional states fear their precedent-setting implications for their own ethnic minorities, they will not able to prevent the Kurds from gaining their rights, the think tank said.

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No end in sight: Failed Tabqa offensive reveals underlying shortcomings of regime forces | ORYX Blog

The regime’s recent offensive against the Islamic State aimed at clearing large parts of desert in Syria’s Raqqa Governorate of Islamic State presence took a drastic turn when a counter-attack spread chaos and fear among the forces spearheading the offensive. Completely misjudging the impending danger and incapable of properly anticipating the Islamic State’s counter-attack, the offensive collapsed and instead of capturing large swaths of territory, the remaining regime forces were forced on the defensive, eventually being beaten all the way back to their starting point. The outcome of the offensive came as a surprise to many, not in the least because its exact goals remained unclear for some.

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Rebels readying for long siege following regime’s Aleppo gains

As Syrian government forces backed by Hizballah and fierce Russian airstrikes make gains on the northeastern edges of Aleppo, Syrian rebels are concerned they could soon come under full government siege.

On Sunday, a Syrian opposition monitoring group and a TV station reported that government forces captured farms in northern Aleppo city, tightening the noose around the only road leading to rebel-held parts of the city.

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Russian Ambassador in Damascus: Syrian Army fighting defensive battles in Aleppo

In a statement to reporters in Moscow, Kinshchak said that Russia is supporting the Syrian army in carrying out defensive operations because “Jabhat al-Nusra is mobilizing more troops and equipment and launching large-scale attacks where the Russian Air Force is destroying these targets once they progress to weaken the ability of extremists to attack. And in general, there is a very violent fight there, but for government forces it is defensive in nature.”

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Kurdish Workers Party Disavows Istanbul Attacks, Say Daesh Responsible

The group considered to be a terrorist organization by Turkish officials says that it played no part in Tuesday night’s coordinated terror attacks that left scores dead and many more injured.

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) disavowed Tuesday night’s terror attack at the Ataturk airport that have left at least 36 dead and at least 147 others wounded despite early speculation that the group may be involved in the attack.

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“New Syrian Army” to deploy Para-Unicorns against DAESH

New Syrian Army of “al-Asala & Tanmia” front began a military operation in central-eastern Syria in order to take control “AlboKamal” city southwest of Deir Ez-Zour.
The Media Office of the New Syrian Army reported that the new battle aimed at taking control of the city and head to the city of Deir Ez-Zour and control it , but it is not clear when and how to begin.

The Media Office of the Army published an image shows three fighters carrying umbrellas and others in the air and saying “Daash- coming, but this time from heaven,” referring to the next battle will be from “air” with paratroopers fighters into areas of the “Islamic State” IS Group.

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