The “Large Scale Offensive” in Aleppo finally begins

“Hezbollah deployed a large number of its forces to the strategic town of al Hadher on Friday morning,” the sources said adding, “The Hezbollah forces are veteran commandos that have participated in several battles across Syria, including the first offensive in Southern Aleppo.”

Syrian armed forces and allies started a large-scale offensive in order to complete the siege to the East part of Aleppo, whose third part of occupied by terrorists.

According to official sources, the objective of the operation early this morning with the support of the air force and artillery, is to cut the supply of weapons and men coming from Turkey.

The main forces preparing for this upcoming critical offensive are the Syrian Army’s 4th Mechanized Division, the Tiger Forces, Liwaa Al Quds (Palestinian paramilitary force), and Hezbollah. It is unclear when the anticipated offensive will precisely begin, but judging by the ferocious airstrikes targeting north Aleppo, it could begin at any moment. On a separate note, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah generously talked about Aleppo and its significance in the Syrian war during his speech on Friday.

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