Russian Navy to receive advanced Futlyar torpedoes

The Russian Navy is expected to adopt for service the advanced Futlyar deep-water torpedo that is undergoing its state trials now, a source in the defense industry told TASS on Wednesday.

According to the source, the Futlyar is an upgraded variant of the Fizik homing torpedo that has entered service recently.

“The new variant of the torpedo is undergoing state trials at Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan, which are due for completion later in the year. If the torpedo passes the tests, it will enter service and its full-scale production should begin in 2017,” the source said.

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Grandmaster Putin

Luckily, excellent diplomacy, masterful actions in geopolitics and a well-reasoned approach to internal enemies, as well as the best in the world nuclear defense force, in addition to the highly mobile and professional army, allow Russia to strengthen its constructive role as a Eurasian super-power, the role of the main counterbalance to imperial hegemony of the US and liberal madness of the EU.

Taken together, all of this can in the foreseeable future make our country a recognized leader of the world resistance to corporatocracy, globalization, false tolerance and political correctness, turn it into the main defender of traditional spiritual, religious, moral, and historic values of all peoples on Earth against the West that lost all bearings.

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PKK releases footage of two Turkish tanks destroyed by guerrillas | VIDEO

The military wing of Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK, the HPG remarked in a written statement that the AKP state waging an all-out dirty war against the Kurdish leader, people and movement since 24th July 2015 has resorted to savage massacres in the face of the failure experienced by Turkish state forces from the popular resistance.

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Revoking citizenship of Shia leader is a Saudi plot

Alwaght: Having this in mind, what results and consequences would revoking nationality of Sheikh Isa Qassim and stepping up pressures on Shia citizens have for the Bahraini regime?

Daghgh: The Bahraini uprising would move on with a revolutionary energy even livelier than before and with a stronger morale. Now the demonstrations began and there is under way a gathering near the home of Ayatollah Isa Qassim. The people chant “as long as we have blood in vessels, Ayatollah Qassim remains our leader, and we never forsake our leader.” They also assert that “our revolution is alive and it lives on even more energetic than before

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Conflict among U.S. allies in northern Syria clouds war on Islamic State

Each side also accuses the other of conspiring with its enemies in a struggle with an ethnic dimension pitting groups drawn from Syria’s Arab majority against one that emerged in 2011 with the stated aim of defending the Kurdish minority.

“There is a deepening divide between us,” the politburo chief of the Jabha Shamiya, one of the biggest FSA rebel groups in the Aleppo area. “If there is no quick political solution between the revolutionaries and the Kurds, it is heading towards escalation.”

YPG spokesman Redur Xelil said his group did not aim to spark a battle with FSA groups. But he added: “If they want a war, they will certainly lose.”

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