DUGIN’S GUIDELINE – From earth to heaven: the Ascension



Hello, you are watching a program Directive Dugin. Today the Orthodox Church celebrates the great feast of the ascension.

The feast of the ascension means the end of his sojourn on earth after the Resurrection among the apostles and the ascension. Christian tradition says that the place where the risen Christ ascended to the Father, was the mount of olives is where was the agony in the garden on the eve of the cross the sufferings of the Savior. So the mountain of suffering is a mountain of glory and the ascent from earth to Heaven, repeating back the trajectory of the descent of the Son of God in baby Jesus. If born God ochelovechivaetsja, rising its the human nature is deified.Thus, all people, all humanity receives the gift of Christ the opportunity to climb to heaven and will attain by grace the deification. It is very difficult and requires incredible feats and ascetic efforts, but it is possible.

When he ascended on high, Christ promised the apostles to send the Holy spirit, the Comforter, the Paraclete. This is the most important Greek word: Parakletos. It meant the defender, who stands by and supports the accused in court. It is significant that the Greek word for the devil, meant, opposite, accuser, Prosecutor. The devil accuses, the Holy Spirit, promised by Christ on the mount of olives, on the contrary, protects and strengthens. Literally the Greek word means paralelas who are standing nearby and calls out.So the Holy Spirit is infused into the human newborn, and its grain cultivated in the course of being a Christian and as you strengthen in faith and cleansing from sin. So gradually the inner voice of the Protector, the Comforter, is becoming more and more loud and clear.

Mount of olives plays an important role in eschatology. It, according to Christian tradition, will begin the resurrection of the dead and there will occur the Second Coming and the last judgment. As Christ ascends to heaven from this point. In it he will be back.

From ascension to Trinity, when the Church celebrates the descent of the Holy spirit on the apostles, is exactly ten days. And these ten days the Christians are concentrated awaiting the Feast of Pentecost, preceded by a week called “green-tide”. Ancient folk traditions here interwoven with the Orthodox calendar – this wealth of folk culture, which we, alas, are gradually irreversibly lose.

The ascension is the culmination of the Christian doctrine of deity and humanity. Christ ascends as a God, but the people – without exception – are called to go the de the way – from earth to heaven, from flesh to spirit, from the bottom to the top. The very verticality of the upright man the hedgehog has turned up to the sky. But relying only on himself, man will never be able to fly. Only forgetting yourself yourself and turning to God and his great sacrifice in the name of humanity, we will be able to get off the ground. To be able to fly, has the divine in it must overcome the earth.Because like is drawn to like. And ease of take-off is symbolized in the iconographic scenes of the ascension the host of angels accompanying Jesus. Entrusting yourself in the hands of God, man is moving closer to the angels and so gains the ability to ascend. However, the flight is always a huge risk. Since any rise is fraught with the possibility of falling. And there are no guarantees in the spiritual life does not exist. The jaws can even the righteous and the repentant sinner is able to take off and follow in the footsteps of Christ – right on the high road of ascension.

Good night, you watched the ascension Directive Dugin.

The Holy fathers teach: God became man so that man became God. But for this we first need to become human or at least something similar to them. After all, the man is not a given, this task.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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