Stalled truce | Colonel Cassad

In this regard, the statements of Assad’s sound as the medium-term forecast that the war in coming months will not stop, and at Aleppo and it will continue in the form of one of the pitched battles, where the plans of Erdogan in Northern Syria will try to finally bury. Of course, a diplomatic end to the war can not be considered, although the US and Russia apparently will continue to play a “truce” for the sake of their situational problems. USA should have time before the election to make progress against the Caliphate, and the active war is “green” with Assad on all fronts will inevitably distract not force rubber and more rubber budget. For Russia, “the truce”, at least in some areas, allows you to use your same limited power for the targeted support critical operations of Assad. Therefore, where possible, the United States and Russia will pretend that the “truce” is still valid, where it will “ignore” the actions of Assad and “green”, where “ignore” does not work, will publicly call for the world to exert pressure to maintain the picture display. Meanwhile the war goes on. Too confusing tangle of contradictions, too many interested countries and very different views on what Syria should be after the war. The light at the end of the tunnel is still not visible.

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Kazakhstan and its problems | Colonel Cassad

In the end, Kazakhstan should in the medium term with serious challenges that threaten including its existence in the current borders. Along with accumulating internal contradictions, there are external threats that are associated with attempts to transform it into a breeding ground for the next Vilayat or another front in the war, the United States and Russia, whose task is to reproduce Russophobia, migrants, crime, drug trafficking and drained it all in Russia, extending a “cordon Sanitaire” around Russia. In these circumstances, to maintain “stability” will be increasingly difficult and we are in the short to medium term and will surely see new performances, and new attacks.

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DUGIN’S GUIDELINE – Against the Genocide of the soul

The Western European civilization for many centuries is the consistent genocide of the soul. Purification of human existence, civilization, science, culture and even religion from the slightest signs of the sacred.

Today, the West is embarking on the final stage of “disenchantment of the world” to globalization. The West is no longer only the West that he wants to become global. So, the sacred is subject to evaporation in all parts of the world. Where it still remains.

Russia in this process, the victim. They want to force us to part with our soul.

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DUGIN’S GUIDELINE –Is the World on the brink of a “hot” war?

If trump wins the election, he will stand on the position of realism, as promised. So, the basic contradictions between Russia and the United States will be removed – each concentrate on his and will not pry into the Affairs of another. An ideal scenario. But not for the globalists set in the world – in America first of all its dominance, has deployed its network to introduce liberal agents of influence , that’s just to give it up. And just because only one trump. Trump will create the preconditions for peace. But the globalists want a war.They do not need neither the world nor trump, nor Russia. So they embarked on the path of escalation in relations with Moscow: they are now interested in it as ever.

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Russian photos from Syria | Colonel Cassad

Regarding the questions on the subject of anti-submarine Tu-142 did over Syria, we can assume that this is part of some events associated with the appearance in the Eastern Mediterranean of an American strike force, led by the nuclear aircraft carrier “Harry Truman”, which is from June 3 began to strike at the Caliphate in Syria and Iraq. Often the composition of these compounds is part of the submarine type “Los Angeles”, so perhaps the appearance of the Tu-142 in Syria related to the possible emergence of a US submarine off the coast of Syria.

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Erdogan takes aim at German MPs on Armenia | DW

In actions that have sparked outrage in Germany, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has unleashed retaliatory statements against German parliamentarians with ethnic Turkish backgrounds. The reason? On Thursday, they voted, together with nearly all their colleagues in the Bundestag, for a resolution recognizing massing killings in Armenia in 1918 as genocide. In addition, the resolution admitted the “complicity” of the German Empire in the crimes of Turkey’s predecessor state, the Ottoman Empire. Over 1.5 million Armenians died in the events approximately a century ago under the Ottoman Empire, but Turkey has steadfastly denied it was a genocide.

German members of parliament Özan Mutlu (Greens), Mahmut Özdemir (SPD), and Cemile Giousouf (CDU) have now had their Turkish identity called into question by Erdogan, who strictly rejects the crime being classified as genocide. Erdogan has now called for them to take a “blood test”, saying their Turkish identity should be checked as “their blood is impure”. Many of the MPs have also received death threats.

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