DUGIN’S GUIDELINE – Mabo day: Australia for Australians

Hello, you are watching a program Directive Dugin. Today Australia celebrates the fundamental celebration of Mabo Day.

In the late 17th century the Europeans reached the most remote continent – Australia. They found people there, not so similar to Europeans, that in his arrogance recognized them as subhumans. Possessed of a fanatical faith in progress and considering themselves the bearers of a universal development path, white Europeans, mostly Anglo-Saxons just force captured new lands, continents, archipelagos and Islands of the Pacific ocean, equating their population almost to the fauna. Someone enslaved, someone was killed and someone was sent to American and European zoos.These cynical and inhuman creatures something else whined about “white man’s burden”…

All the land on which they lived, aboriginal peoples of Australia and Polynesia, was privatized by the colonialists without any conditionalities. Once the natives were not of Anglo-Saxon law, their fine and delicate view of the world, rivers, mountains, hills, deserts and coasts living on the borders of the sacred and the inhabitants of the Australian land – the visible invisible, so distant from European rationalism were simply ignored. This dissonance is perfectly demonstrated by a German film Director Werner Herzog in the program the film “where green ants dream”. If invisible and only comes in dreams and visions of the green ants was important for ownership rights in the particular sacred territory in the eyes of the natives, for the Anglo-Saxons it was dog crap. And they slaughtered the land of the living.

But then came the hard voice of the Australian hero Eddie Mabo of the Meriam tribe from the island of Marey in the Strait of Torres. The Holy patriot of Australia led the fight to ensure that the government of this country recognized the right to land of its native population, which settled here about 70 000 years ago. Early on Eddie Mabo laughed. Of course: who among civilized people will believe in some green ants. But Eddie Mabo and his friends didn’t let down and attacked again and again by the courts and governmental authorities.And lo and behold 3 June 1992, the Supreme Court has established that in pre-colonial times indigenous peoples owned the land according to traditional law, in fact, existing to this day. The truth of the indigenous population and its rich perfume dream worlds was restored.

Australia for Australians, as all visible and not visible. That’s what proved courageous patriot and ascetic aboriginal Eddie Mabo from the island of Marey. And now the whole of Australia celebrates the second of June, Mabo Day, Mabo Day, and on his native island of Marey in the Torres Strait is generally a day off. However, aboriginal Australians do not work. What they do is called differently – they truly live, live and see prophetic dreams.

Goodbye, you watched the aboriginal Directive Dugin.

The world will be much richer if we drop our racist ideas – our belief in linear time and progressive development of humanity. How many people, so many types of time. Among the natives of Australia are only dreaming. And let them live as we have always, as they want as best they can in their native and sacred land.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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