Moments middle East war 29.05.2016 | Colonel Cassad

The next moment a middle East war.

Azaz Mare.

Azaz holds, Mare until the end “black” did not take, despite reports in the press that are already fully captured.

While there is ongoing heavy fighting. “Green” is now negotiating with the Kurds, to those missed the remains of the garrison and the inhabitants of the city through its territory to azaz (with arms), and in return promise to deliver the Mari to the Kurds, who then have to deal with the onset of “black” on their own, in the calculation, except that on the support of American aviation, as it is obvious that the artillery support from Turkey can not be counted on by the Kurds.

Remarkable moment in the video, there’s a couple of Marines to go “green” – generally one barefoot, the other in flip flops.
Something really bad with the ammunition, apparently no wonder they are freaking out that the Americans switched supply on the Kurds.
Also noteworthy, that the infantry uses both AKS and M-16.

Killed in the battle for the village of Baraguda.

T-55 “green” in the area of Azaz.

Captive alifatic.

Refugees from the war zone.

The Rest Of Syria.

The Russian military on holiday in Latakia.

And this is dine, the defenders of Deir ez-Zor.

Discussion of plans for the attack on al-IMS.

Iraqi Shiites pulled at Aleppo and are preparing to take part in the upcoming battles for al-RIS and Khan tuman.

Air strikes on the positions of “al-Nusra” in al-EISA.

Russian medal “For liberation of Palmyra”.

And this is awarded.

ATGM Milan. Deir-ez-Zor. Positions of the Republican Guard.

The bombing in the suburbs of Aleppo.

Beware, 18+

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International efforts to establish a truce in Syria.

The attack on Raqqa.

The Kurds continue to move slowly to the North and North-East to the capital of the Caliphate. The rate of promotion is low, but the troops of the Caliphate is constantly forced to retreat.

Australian volunteer Jamie bright who fought for YPG. Killed in battle with the Caliphate South of al-Shadadi.

The offensive in Mosul.

The Kurds are on the offensive on Mosul from the East in the countryside, gradually pushing the Caliphate. Both sides suffer losses, mostly Kurds from attacks from improvised MLRS and Shahid-mobiles, alifatici from artillery and mortar fire.

Explosion Shahid-mobile, it had time to shoot, so it’s up to the Kurds deaht he did not.

U.S. helicopters are supporting the advance of the Kurds.

Also noted the presence of American military engineers with their own equipment.

From the denial of Bush’s policies to its adoption.

The Storming Of Fallujah.

Sudden Saddam Hussein. Without him in Iraq finally came the dawn of freedom, democracy and justice.

Soleimani under of Fallujah.

The rest of the Iraq

Offensive of the Caliphate in the area of oil field Ajil.

Judging by the stars, the Kurdish Colonel who was killed in battle with alifatica.

Humvee Peshmerga flee from Shahid-mobiles. Suicide attacks live.
Under Saddam there was no such garbage.

The war in Turkey

There are pictures of Turkish armored vehicle after the blast on Kurdish land mine.

Is Turkey In 2016.


The war in Yemen.

How to charge the phone, if in your area many months ago the Saudis bombed the power station and you have a long time no electricity.

The attack in Aden.

A suicide bomber staged a terrorist attack in Aden on 23 may.

Recorded traces of the use of American cluster bombs the Saudis.

Beware, 18+
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The 100th anniversary of the Covenant of Sykes-Picot.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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