DUGIN’S GUIDELINE – The visit of Vladimir Putin and of Patriarch Kirill to Athos



Hello, You are watching the program “Directive Dugin”.

Today we are witnessing a historic event – the visit of the Russian President, President Vladimir Putin and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill, together on Holy mount Athos, Panteleimon monastery – the cradle of Russian monkhood to honor the Millennium of the Russian presence on mount Athos.

The symbolism of this event is enormous. For the first time in the history of Russia of the head of the Russian state and the Russian Church together visited Athos, the Holy Mountain. Athos is the cradle of the Byzantine spirit.

We are the heirs of Byzantium, as a power, as an Empire, after the fall of Constantinople we took over his mission, becoming the Third Rome, and the heirs of world Orthodoxy, as Russian Orthodox Church took the baton of the Byzantine Empire. We visantisky in their depth, their roots, their identity. And today the President of Russia and his Holiness Patriarch visit this Holy land, the Holy Mountain, which is the embodiment of the Byzantine tradition.It is like a living fragment of the Byzantine Empire, here the monks still live according to the Byzantine time, it continues to operate the old Byzantine Julian calendar, are constantly flowing Byzantine spiritual life.

In this cradle of Hesychasm, the noetic, the monks, as thousands of years ago, since the spread of Holy Orthodoxy in these lands, in Greece, continue the same spiritual life.

The head of the secular power, the head of the Russian state, and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church together embody the Byzantine Symphony of powers – and that we just took from the Byzantine Empire – the political Union of the ruler with the ruler of the spiritual, is called the word “Symphony” – edenspace. And representatives of the Russian Symphony today visit mount Athos, located in the Russian Panteleimonov monastery, and then will visit other Holy places of the Holy Mountain.

It’s hard to imagine something grander, something more symbolic. Perhaps the beginning, with which Russia went, spiritual, and in some sense political start, now meet the last periods of this glorious spiritual history. It was all in our history, but the fact that today we are witnessing the veneration of the Byzantine roots of the two first persons of the state – spiritual and secular – has enormous value. So, our Russia is aware of its historic mission, his mission, and so we prepared for the fact that many of the Athonite elders called “the last times”.

All the best, have You watched the last of Athos “Directives Dugin”, which can be called the Byzantine Symphony or “Directive”.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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