DUGIN’S GUIDELINE – Who will get Nagorno-Karabakh?


Who will get Nagorno-Karabakh?

Hello, You are watching a program Directive Dugin. In Yerevan discusses the issue of recognition of Nagorno Karabakh. This kind of response for a new wave of escalating violence in the breakaway Republic.

The fact that the Karabakh problem has nothing to solutions. There are conflicts that would better remain at the stage at which they are located, for as long as possible. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, as well as Transnistria – is a vivid example of just such a situation. The fact is that in General the status quo, the current suits all parties. The Armenians fully control the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, and this is their payoff. Of course, it is very difficult to be a citizen of the unrecognized Republic, but should pay for everything. Better to be a master of their land than anything else.

The status quo suits and Azerbaijan. All countries recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh part of Azerbaijan, and this gives reason that someday, in different historical circumstances, the situation may change. Therefore, Karabakh belongs to Armenians de-facto, Azerbaijanis de jure.

Satisfied with the situation in the whole Russia, which has friendly relations with Yerevan and Baku, as well as Iran, which is close to the religious Azerbaijanis (Azerbaijanis and Iranians – Shiite), and Armenians historically and ethnically.
And even Turks, except the insane newsmanila, in principle, quite the way things are now, because the involvement on the side of Azerbaijan in another regional conflict finally discreditied the already tarnished Ankara’s policy. Moreover,
more recently, we have witnessed the resignation of Davutoglu, the main ideologue of neoosmanizm.

Therefore, the escalation is, by definition, is not beneficial to anyone except those forces who are far away from the conflict zone, first and foremost, Americans who are just waiting for the right moment to open against continental powers of Russia and Iran a new line of front.

So why did Yerevan raises the question of the recognition of Karabakh, as it threatens to upset the delicate balance? And as we saw any change in the situation will bring all parties to the conflict and neighbouring regional powers only harm.

The fact that the Armenians, who seized Karabakh and displaced Azerbaijanis from there, just in case, picked up some more regions. For them it was a bargaining chip that they were prepared to pay in the future for the recognition of independence. Here are some of them and can be discussed: what are the conditions Stepanakert is ready to return to Baku? That is the question being discussed today, as Moscow is interested in rapprochement with Baku, and especially in Azerbaijan’s accession to the Eurasian Union and the CSTO. And the question is in these areas – not all, but only the five most important.If it failed, the Karabakh status quo would become more sustainable, and the role of Moscow as a guarantor of stability would increase qualitatively.

Baku seems prepared to do that, but Yerevan puts maximalist conditions – areas in exchange for recognition. One gets the impression that some people underestimate the benefits of the status quo or overestimating the ability of the Armenian lobby. It is strong, but not omnipotent. So in response to the recent escalation in Karabakh the Armenian Parliament is threatening to recognize the Republic. However, this would mean a direct challenge to Moscow.

In my opinion, this Russia has one argument: the requirement for the return to Karabakh of Azerbaijani refugees as a prerequisite of the legal decision. If Yerevan really wants to do, then at first the refugees. And if Armenians are thinking and weighs up the reality, finally realizing how profitable they maintain what they already have, then let us discuss the procedure of return of five districts of Baku. It’s not a bargain but a necessary condition of preservation of so invaluable in the good sense of the status quo.

Goodbye, you looked Karabakh “Directive Dugin”.

Russia is a friendly country for Armenia and Azerbaijan. We don’t want and will never choose either / or. And those and others – our friends. And all the problems between the in the framework of the single Eurasian families be addressed in the overall geopolitical structure – the Eurasian Union.
See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv/


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