DUGIN’S GUIDELINE–The Truth of our Victory



Hello, You are watching a program Directive Dugin.
Here-here will come the Victory Day. Time to talk about the meaning of this event in Russian history.


When we start talking about the Day of Victory and prepare for the celebration of it, we are increasingly confronted that for the Russians it means one thing and to others something else. And the more we hear the views of other societies about who is who and what price won the Second world war, the more our anger grows. After all, the official point of view in the West is increasingly getting the idea that the victory over Hitler’s Reich won over the Americans, and the role of Russia was secondary.In addition, Stalin and communism equated to Hitler and Nazism, and, consequently, what we consider the liberation of the peoples of Europe, represented as the change of one form of totalitarian regime for another. We call it a “falsification of history” and with difficulty understand how such a cynical distortion of the facts at all possible.

However, to insist on historical truth and to fight against its falsification is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The fact is that history always is before all interpretation. And he that overcometh, and asserts her view of events. Victory in the great Patriotic war and we paid for this victory is so huge price, we Russians rightfully celebrate this event as our historic feat. As OUR victory. She was ours before we were able to hold in a zone of our control and influence, liberated lands of Europe.The space of the political, economic, and sometimes directly military control is one area in which we can hope for the triumph of our truth, our Russian historical truth. And this truth is just what we know, and which consists in the interpretation of the great Patriotic war as the greatest act of liberation.

But the Great Victory that we are going to celebrate, does not belong exclusively to the past. No victory is accomplished once and for all. In the history of mankind there is always room for revenge, in order to reassess in their favour the balance of historical forces. Even the mightiest empires eventually weaken and crumble, and then the previously docile and obedient peoples suddenly put forward against the weakening of a lion your own “historical truth”, reducing the scores of those who previously groveled and fawned.

In a word, necessary, but still it is not enough just to celebrate a Great Victory. If we won’t fix it new victories, if we fail to win again and again, we are in danger of losing her and the memory of it, and its results. For historical truth, for our truth about the great Patriotic war, we must be prepared to fight no less fiercely than fought by our fathers and grandfathers. Otherwise we have this victory, just take away that and trying to make those who put it into question. They said not just ignorance. It’s war again. It’s nothing personal.The war over the meaning of history, the war for a place in the history of the war that Victory was truly ours. And if we, God forbid, will lose this war today, then we miss and a Great Victory. How interesting in this case, you’ll see our dead, our heroes, who paid for it all and more than all…

But what we did in the late ‘ 80s, what did the traitor Gorbachev and other would-be reformers, and was in fact an attempt of liquidation of our Victory – its geopolitical, ideological, civilizational consequences. The falsification of history has become possible only because of our own weakness. We do have falsified the historic truth, began desperately to repent and apologize to all right and guilty. And we fled from Eastern Europe, sold and betrayed the blood of our fallen heroes. We have changed ourselves, our Victory, so now we blame those who take advantage of that?

Do you know why it’s starting to touch us so painfully right now? Not only because it has gone too far. Just after Ossetia, Abkhazia, Crimea, Donbass and Syria we are back in Russian history. Our new Victory is quite real and also quite difficult – doing again fresh, sharp and piercing our Great Victory. We are moving away from the shock of the betrayal of the liberal Pro-American, made in the 90s, and even back in the late 80’s, and again see ourselves as nation, people and society. And therefore those, who spits in the Great Victory awaken in us a sacred indignation.Just we start keenly aware that nothing is over that the war continues. And in order to keep our victory in 1945, we need to win again. To defeat those who challenge us today. Who is trying to impose on us their historical truth, and our reject and insult.

If we are alive, we will not surrender so easily. After all Russian do not surrender. Don’t give up, don’t give up and God will not give up.

And again Victory will be ours. After all, we do know – God is with Us! The mind usually describe and pokoritsya, God is with us!

Good night, you looked a Directive Dugin on the Day of Victory.

Our Victory is sacred. But sacred means eternal. Our historical truth, we again have to defend in the harsh battle.






Stauffenberg was Right!

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