ARCTOGAIA celebrates the Great Victory



Literally “Arctogaia” means “The North Land”. A mythical continent, that in former days was situated on the North Pole, but long ago disappeared from physical reality and so from short-lived human memory. Together with it disappeared, vanished a spiritual axis of Being, the World Tree that gave to all traditions and religions a light-bearing and operative-tranformative sense.

Arctogaia is the absent center. It does not exist for actual mankind, so such mankind is doomed and is going to disappear soon.

The last men…

They don’t want ever know anything of spirit and Light, of inner measurement of things and beings, about the heroical way of overcoming the dark gravitational forces and about the motion to Absolute Discharge from the fetters of the concentrational Universe.

Arctogaia is concerned with the things which are generally neglected by others, defends values that others ignore or despise, fights against realities, whose absolute power recognized the obedient and apocalyptic majority.


In the first instance the problem is metaphysical and ontological. But the depths of metaphysics are not something isolated from concrete reality. That is the way of thinking of those, who find justification for their submissiveness and resignation in front of dark authority of “material powers”.

Therefore the resistance is total, it involves all spheres of reality — from the highest, where the new spire of desperate battles between the celestial warriors and the army of hell is going on, to the lowest ones — the political, economic and every day life.

The men of Arctogaia are utmost not numerous and misunderstood, utterly misplaced in modern world, detached and differential.They totally disclaim all the apocalyptic realm of modernity and in the same way totally affirm the alternative world, world of Tradition, world of Pole, world of Being, WORLD OF ARCTOGAIA.

Antichrist besides theological also has geopolitical, immanently social meaning. It is evident today that the most “perfect” and “complete” form of the historical realization of this sinister personage is the liberal West, that ideology and that system which has won in the cold war, the war against USSR and settled everywhere the foundations of the planet domination in the form of the “new world order”.

The resistance to the power of the atlantic “evil empire”, USA and the liberal capitalistic model sould be greeted in all forms and at all combinations. Everyone who bids the defiance to anticrist (even if he doesn’t suspect of the real quality of the entity he deals with), is anyway worth of respect and earns our sympathy and solidarity.

If things are considered in the economical aspect as the opposition of socialism to capitalism t– that’s good. If the national affirmation is opposed to atlantic aggression — that’s also good. If the danger of the “new world order” is perceived like the spiritual and religious treat– that’s good to. If in the base of the protest lies the spontaneous, artistic and aesthetical intuition, even that will do.

In fact all of these levels are correlated. All of them are the elements of the single providential plan, for even in the system of the most terrible apocalyptic control must exist people that should be true to Arctogaia even if they know nothing about it.

We have done a big ideological work. The tangible results of it are impressed in our books, publications, programmes, speeches and articles.

But the main thing is ahead.

Here are the ways of resistance to modern world:

* Orthodoxy (revolutionary + esoteric and hesyhasmic)

* Islam (Iranian, Shiite, revolutionary one + sufism)

* Traditionalism

* Conservative Revolution

* National-bolshevism

* The Third Way

* Eurasianism ( + Neoeurasianism)

* Russia

* Socialism

* Islamic Socialism

* Nationalism

* Nonconformity

* Anarchism from the right (and left wing)

* Social Revolution

* Extremism

* Alternative Geopolitics

* Cultural Radicalism

* Hard-mysticism

* Subversive Counter-culture

* Hard-occultism

* Continentalism (in Geopolitics)

* Apocalypse

* Tantrism

* Dsog-chen

* Eschatologism

* New Right (“Nouvelle Droite” not in anglo-saxon but in a french and Italian sense)

* New Left

* Anticapitalism

* Revolutionary Syndicalism

* Last Empire

* New Aeon

* Judgement Day


Here are the authers that are central in our cause:

* Rene Guenon

* Julius Evola

* Carl Marx

* Constantine Leontiev

* George Sorel

* Che Gevara

* Ernst Unger

* Baron Ungern

* Martin Haidegger

* Ernst Nieckisch

* Nicolay Ustrialov

* Arthur Mooler van den Bruck

* Karl Haushofer

* Diord Lucac

* Fridrich Nietzsche

* Jean Thiriart

* Feodor Dostoevsky

* Carl Shmitt

* George Bataille

* Herman Wirth

* Jean Parvulesco

* Carl Jung

* Lev Gumiliov

* Herbert Marcuse

* Guy Debord

* Gottfrid Benn

* Nicolay Trubetscoy

* Ramiro Ledesma Ramos

* Boris Savinkov

* Petr Savitskiy

* Nicolay Klyuev

* Lotreamont

* Ajtolla Homeyni

* Jean-Paul Sartre

* Ali Shariati

* Henry Corbin

* Luis-Ferdinand Celine

* Mircea Eliade

* Aleister Crowley

* Ezra Pound

* Sri Ramana Mahrshi

* Gilles Deleuze

* Arthur Rimbaud

* Michael Bacunin

* George Dumesile

* Alain de Benoist

* Jonny Rotten

* and the others…


Arctogaia, the elite of the absent continent, the princes of the non-existent country, spreads in all directions. This is a circular aggression of the potential which will soon be the actual. The buds of flowers open at the same time in all directions. They ignore the laws of liner trajectories where the right excludes the left and the top is incompatible with the bottom . That sort of singular logic is a sign of the titanic intellectual provocation which was prepared by the dark agents of degeneration beginning from the medieval universal controversy. The noumenalists were the first heralds of the spiritual degradation. After them came the monster Decartes (damnation on his nasty name for all the time). Afterwards — dull but honest Kant. And then — positivism and neopositivism. All these lines insinst on the metaphor of the clock and on the thesis of “man-machine”, later formulated by Lametri, according to which the consciousness of human being is a mechanism.

For the people of Arctogaia every man is a potential Angel and his consciousness is a flower.

They are fighting with us (successfully). We rise against them (but almost always lose).

This is a logic of history. Until we exist it is not finished (whatever Fukuyama would say).

But a moment will come, and we’ll overpower them . But this victory will be the last and the final.

Endkampf und Endsieg.

There won’t be any time.

Join us, because tomorrow it will be late.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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