Dugin’s Guideline – Eternal Iran: working trip of the group “Katechon” in Iran



Hello, you are watching a program Directive Dugin. The delegation of analytical center Katechon and management of our channel just returned from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Please share your impressions.

What can I say: Iran is inspiring. In the country mode is set to pure idiocracy. At the forefront of the spirit, faith, thought and prayer. But everything else – the economy, the administration, the bureaucracy, the industry is subject to high feasibility. It is a system Velayati-faqih, the rule of the wise and knowledgeable. Thus they rule not from myself, but from the spiritual authority – the hidden Imam, and the phenomena they are expecting – and even this expectation is spelled out in the Constitution. I can’t believe we live in the 21st century. Eternal Iran, it is spring blooming and fragrant.I was particularly struck by Isfahan: incredibly beautiful charming city with beautiful gardens and bridges, complete Iranian intelligentsia, a prostitute at night and reading each other poems of the great Iranian poets. Open and focused on the spirit of the people. Don’T believe the propaganda, Iran is perhaps the most safe and friendly place now among the Eastern countries.

The secret perhaps is that Iran’s Islam is very different. And policy there is very different. And the Iranians themselves – a separate nation, a civilization which flourished long before Islam. In Iran is dominated by Shia, contemplative, refined, exquisite Islam. In the main it is the mystical dimension and the particular Iranian self-esteem. The meaning of Shia is to build an ideal society, without discrimination, violence, exploitation, fair, moral, and pure.And since historically Muslims dominated the coarser attitudes and principles, the Shia have always been the martyrs, always in minority, always persecuted. But they have not abandoned their faith, their culture expectations, farhangi incisor. And they waited.

In 1979, Imam Khomeini undertook the first in history the Shia revolution, when Shiites were able to realize those projects, which have lived for centuries. The relief of the poor, the prohibition of operation and loan capital, joint and several spiritual society, the power of knowing and believing these ideals were implemented. And then the new government the West has declared war: no wonder, because a huge country is out of their control, rejected the status of a puppet State and American curators. But Iran has stood and still stands today.
Of course, every ideal is incarnated, is something to lose. It is understood and modern Iranian rulers – Rahbar, the spiritual leader, the ayatollahs, imams and politicians. And — and so they continue to wait. Any human institutions have weaknesses, they say. Therefore, the ideal can be accomplished only by God’s chosen Messengers. More precisely one of them is the hidden Imam, the Imam of the time. In honor of him called the longest street of Tehran and one of the world’s longest – Vali-ASR. The wait can be interminable, but once the Imam of Time will open. This is called zuhur, a Day of Revelation.And then everything that has been planned by the Iranian Revolution, come true really – without exaggeration and approximations. And the enemy of believers around the world, the enemy of all mankind – that is the Great Satan, the West, will fall into the abyss from which it came.

Goodbye, you watched the Iranian Directive Dugin.
For us Orthodox, there really is something to learn from our Iranian friends. We are also people of culture expectations. Our horizon is the Second Coming, the resurrection of the dead and the life of the next century. Isn’t it time to pay real attention? Including political.

See the program archive – http://tsargrad.tv/

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