The 20 April 2014 Easter Attack: Again on Right Sector and the Making of the Ukrainian Civil War

Russian & Eurasian Politics

photo Right Sector wolfsangel

By Gordon M. Hahn

The anti-Maidan takeovers of OGAs and other government buildings across Donetsk and spreading to Luhansk from April 12-14 came after Kiev had been discussing publicly for more than a week its intent to carry out an ‘anti-terrorist’ operation against what then were mere protesters in restless Donbass. Moreover, the anti-Maidan takeovers in March and early April there were in response to, and identical with the pro-Maidan takeovers of Kiev government buildings and regional OGAs in winter. The Donbass’s events were escalating in response to Kiev’s actions. By sundown on 14 April 2014, acting Ukrainian president Oleksandr Turchynov’s deadline of 6pm for those occupying government buildings in the east to leave had expired. Donetsk’s anti-Maidan protesters and armed rebels had taken control of some government buildings in many cities across the oblast, including Artemevsk, Druzhkivka (Druzhkovka), Horlivka (Gorlovka), Kramatorsk, Makiivka (Makievka), Mariupol’, Slovyansk (Slavyansk), Yenakiieve (Yenakieve), and Zhdanivka…

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