Dugin’s Guideline – USA vs Saudi Arabia: who will win?



Hello, you are watching a program Directive Dugin. A quarrel erupted between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. The discord in the enemy camp is always good news.

So: Washington picks up in election frenzy, and under pressure going to the break with trump, who promised to deal with those who actually organized the bloody provocation on 9/11, the question of the involvement of the Saudis. In response to Riad promises to sell the assets in the US 750 billion dollars. Things are heating up.

The Saudis with the emergence of his Wahhabi States are the true agents of Anglo-Saxon policy in the region. All that they have, it is radical Salafi Islam heretical sense, created in the 18th century Islamic reformer al-Wahab, and oil, the extraction of which they are carried out under the direct control of the English and later, American oil monopolies. Their strength, as well as the fact that control of two major Islamic shrines – Mecca and Medina.

Power in Saudi Arabia is based on three principles: the tyranny of the Royal family, an extremist sheikhs-the fanatics, led by descendants of al-Wahhab and the local Arabian tribes. Royal house – pragmatists, who get their power from wealth and privilege. Wahhabi Ulema – maniacs Protestant leaders like Calvin or Cromwell. The rest of the Bedouins and simple – great by the way – the Arab people, which parasitizes cynical, in the case of the Royal family, and fanatical in the case of the Wahhabis of Saudi elite.

Saudi Arabia to remain forced to export Islamic terrorism to other countries from Pakistan and Afghanistan to Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya. Reach preachers of Salafism, and to Russia. Saudi Arabia is funding for supports, not the Islamic State. No notorious human rights in Saudi Arabia is not respected at all. The level of democracy below zero: all the so-called elected institutions entirely appointed from above. There are also thriving political murders and persecution on religious grounds.One word to the country a real nightmare.

The handful of cynics, tyrants, dictators, and fanatics perverts. It would seem that there is such a regime with America, desirous of its democracy? But nevertheless, whatever the Saudis do, they get away with it. Including 9/11. From the outset it was clear that all participants of the monstrous terrorist attack in new York – the Saudis. But blame Washington blame it on the Afghans and Iraqis, then in both countries have been American military intervention. Trying to blame even Iran, which is the antithesis of Saudi Arabia in everything from religion to the political system.If you believe that USA stands for democracy, the first humanitarian purpose of the bombing had to be the Riyad and Jeddah. But it was not there. Everything, but only not they.

The Saudis until the last moment all went with it. After all the oil was under their control and Islamic terrorism played into their hands, helping to overthrow rulers, not hurrying to do the will of Washington, and to justify American military presence where needed. Hence everything else: the Saudis are terrible, but it’s like underground monsters storocia in Greek mythology who helped the Olympians to deal with the other monsters — the titans.

And suddenly the Americans came to their senses and paid attention to those monsters, which I cherished. And in response the Saudis, so much time existed at the expense of American roofs, began to snap. Here we take, they say, and all your assets will sell, and end your dollar imperialism. Yes, there is also a split in the Royal family: some princes (and there are hundreds of countless concubines of all races and peoples) is still behind the U.S. and others are trying to find an alternative. Even in our party look.

All this is extremely interesting: if a Kingdom be divided against itself, will fall immediately. It is in our interest that the conflict deepened. We certainly disgusting and those and others, and Americans and Saudis. But… but master Satan is the great Satan, that is Washington. And if the Americans decide to donate their poluprorocheski monsters – after all, the indefatigable Ralph Peters has divided Saudi Arabia into several States – we have it on hand. You can support the Saudis against Americans, they will hit  Riyadh. In my opinion a good plan.

Goodbye, you looked realistic Directive Dugin about the scandal between Saudi Arabia and USA

See the program archive – http://tsargrad.tv/



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