Dugin’s Guideline – USA vs Saudi Arabia: who will win?

Power in Saudi Arabia is based on three principles: the tyranny of the Royal family, an extremist sheikhs-the fanatics, led by descendants of al-Wahhab and the local Arabian tribes. Royal house – pragmatists, who get their power from wealth and privilege. Wahhabi Ulema – maniacs Protestant leaders like Calvin or Cromwell. The rest of the Bedouins and simple – great by the way – the Arab people, which parasitizes cynical, in the case of the Royal family, and fanatical in the case of the Wahhabis of Saudi elite.

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Syria’s armed opposition officially announces ‘end of truce’

Several armed opposition factions declared today a new all-out offensive against the Syrian Arab Army in response to what they claimed to be ‘the regime’s increasing violations of the ceasefire’.

Up to ten armed factions, including the Saudi and Turkish-backed Jayshal-Islam and Jaysh al-Fateh, issued a statement whereby they announced forming “a joint operation room” in order “to respond to the increasing and frequent violations of Regime forces against the camps that house displaced civilians”.

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Iranian military parade features Russian S-300 missile systems |

The Iranian authorities have displayed the S-300 surface-to-air missile systems supplied by Russia at a military parade in Tehran marking National Army Day, Iranian news agencies Mehr and Tasnim reported.

They pointed out that this was the first time that these missile systems were shown in public. According to the media, only parts of the S-300 missile system were displayed

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