Dugin’s Guideline – Prince Nikolai Trubetzkoy and his theory of Eurasianism


Hello, you are watching a program Directive Dugin. April 16, 1890 he was born Nikolai Trubetzkoy, the great Russian philosopher, linguist and founder of the ideological trends of Russian Eurasianism.

The basic idea of Trubetzkoy were as follows. Russia is not just a European country, had insisted the Russians are Westerners. This particular individual civilization, the Russian World. That’s the main thing. We are different from Europe, no less than Iranians or Indians. Yes we have common roots in the Greco-Roman civilization. But the split in this civilization began in 6th century when the Byzantine Empire fell the Western Empire, and then disappeared under the blows of the Germanic tribes. Even then, began to take shape two identities in the Catholic West, Eastern Orthodox. Gradually, they withdrew from each other farther and farther.Finally, in 1054 the Orthodox and Catholic worlds are separated with each other completely. We, the Russians accepted Christianity from the Byzantine Empire and it is true that the Eastern Christian traditions until now. After the fall of Constantinople from the Turks, we took over his mission. It is not the mission of the country, asserted Trubetzkoy, this is the original pole and independent Orthodox civilization. Its center.

But it is acknowledged and Slavophiles. Innovation Trubetzkoy and after him the rest of the Eurasians, in that part of Byzantine religion and culture they added the Turkic-Mongol element, drawing attention to the fact that Russia’s expansion to the East was exactly the same as the contours of the Empire of Genghis Khan. We again built it not only from East to West as the Mongols and from the West to the East. But it only strengthened the identity of Russia.Religious were different from the West through Byzantium, and geopolitically – thanks to the Mongols and Turks, which took the baton of the Board over a huge space of Eurasia – this time Russian and Orthodox.

Trubetzkoy offers this Eurasian idea of Russia as a civilization, Orthodox, and continental, to put the basis for a new worldview that needs to change a communism. Trubetzkoy literally prophesied that communism would collapse, because it lacks the spiritual religious dimension, there is Christ at the head. But in order not to slip into the abyss of the West – that is an alien civilization – it is necessary to change the Communist party of the Eurasian Order.This Order should, in the opinion of the Trubetzkoy and other Eurasians to pursue social justice and opposition to the West, but to complement the ideology of the Orthodox Byzantine dimension, put in the forefront the faith of Christ. This he called a special term: basically an ideocracy. Moreover, Eurasianism was not nationalism, nor a simple restoration of the monarchy. Trubetzkoy encouraged to contact the underlying essence of the Russian people and other fraternal peoples, who built with him a Great Empire. The Eurasian elite had become the new aristocracy, serving God and people.

And the main enemy of Eurasians was named the West, the anti-thesis of our own civilization. The main enemy of mankind. So Trubetzkoy and named his first book Europe and mankind. The idea was to ensure that mankind must be saved from decaying (even then, in the early twentieth century) Europe. And what to do so only under the force of the Russians.

While it was true only half of the prophecy of the great Eurasian: the USSR collapsed because the perfect idea of social justice was established without God and even against God. Instead of Christian socialism was built socialism anti-Christian. And it collapsed. Eurasian but the Order failed to intercept the Communists the government, since it was not created. Therefore, the authorities broke the worst enemies of Russia – the liberals, the worst kind of enemies of the human race, than the Communists.

But now much becomes clear. That Trubetzkoy was right is obvious. We declared building the Eurasian Union and more clearly understand the true nature of the West. The second half of the prophecy Trubetzkoy. The Construction Of The Eurasian Order. That’s the meaning of that historic moment in which we find ourselves. From the point of view of Eurasians.

Goodbye, you looked Eurasian Dugin Directive.

To Eurasianism in Russia there is simply no alternative. Any other ideology is certainly weaker, more flawed and worse. But this is why Eurasians are in this merciless war.

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5 responses to “Dugin’s Guideline – Prince Nikolai Trubetzkoy and his theory of Eurasianism

  1. I was trying to be optimistic. haha. Still, if it is nuclear civil war, I hope the south wins this time. Thanks for all those links by the way!


  2. “America will dissolve into a vast collection of well run fiefdoms”

    It will look more like the Syrian civil war, except with nuclear weapons…


  3. Translations in Worldcat:

    Introduction to the principles of phonological description


    Translation and discussion of “The Tower of Baber and the confusion of tongues”


    N.S. Trubetzkoy : studies in general linguistics and language structure



    The legacy of Genghis Khan and other essays on Russia’s identity



    Writings on literature : centennial Trubetskoy



    The common Slavic element in Russian culture


    Introduction to the principles of phonological descriptions


    Principles of phonology


    Three philological studies



    Click to access Trubetzkoy_NS_Principles_of_Phonology.pdf




  4. Incredible insightful. Are any of Trubetzkoy’s writings in English that you know of? The more I observe of the continuing spiral of dissolution and disintegration, the more I think that America will dissolve into a vast collection of well run fiefdoms and city states, while the continental Occident after a long period of tragedy and heartache, will be reborn under one banner, preserving of course the identities it shelters with the highest integrity.


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