Yatsenyuk resigns!

Of all the former Soviet states, Ukraine will likely see the greatest fallout from the Panama Papers, which allege that President Petro Poroshenko holds accounts offshore. In response to the revelations, Ukrainian politicians are already calling for an investigation into Poroshenko’s hidden funds. The head of the Radical Party has even pushed for the president’s impeachment. But Ukraine’s Office of the Prosecutor General said the papers contain no evidence that Poroshenko committed any crimes. For his part, Poroshenko has gone on the defensive. In a string of tweets, the president called himself the first of Ukraine’s leaders to take corruption seriously. At the same time, he has skirted the issue of his culpability, claiming that he handed management of his assets over to a consulting firm upon taking office.

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War in Turkey – the Battle for Nusaybin | Colonel Cassad

After 28 days the Turkish army is still not able to break the resistance of the Kurds in the border city Nusaybin.

Turkish security forces are taking constant losses, so in response the army continued the shelling of urban neighborhoods. Fights happen in different parts of the city. At the moment the Kurds have not lost any items. To objectively evaluate the loss of killed and wounded of the security forces impossible. The Turkish authorities acknowledged the death of two officers-the bomb squad two days ago while trying to defuse an explosive device.

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Trump and the Liberal Intelligentsia: a View from Europe | Counterpunch

American liberal intellectuals who are horrified by Trump are quick to forget what their own country has inflicted on the “ROW” – that rest of the world where it is okay to kill masses of people, not out of “racism”, oh no, that is not nice. But killed because they have bad leaders, or bad ideas, or even – the story goes – because they need to be protected.

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New Aleppo offensive erupts

The Russian Aerospace Forces and Syria’s military are preparing a joint operation aimed at the liberation of the city of Aleppo, Syrian Prime Minister Wael Nader al-Halki said on Sunday at a meeting with a delegation of Russian parliamentarians comprising Alexander Yushchenko, Sergei Gavrilov and Dmitry Sablin.

“We, together with our Russian partners are preparing an operation to liberate Aleppo and block all illegal armed groups that have not joined the ceasefire agreement or violated it,” he said.

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