Антон Брюков on the Eurasian Youth Union


The Eurasian youth Union, the youth wing of the International “Eurasian movement” has existed for more than ten years. During this time the organization has held a large variety of events – pickets, meetings, round tables, press conferences. The ESM long before the events in the territory of the now former Ukraine warned about the danger of glorification of the OUN, the UPA, about the inevitability of the collapse of the state and the civil war on its ruins. We offer to your attention an interview with the head of the Moscow branch of ECM Anton Bykovym.

– Interestingly the very name of the organization – the Eurasian youth Union. Whether your organization has existing age limits?

Officially the age range is, however, in practice, involves people of different ages. The main part of the asset, however, is the youth.

– How to become a member of the ESM? Are there any lists, requirements, restrictions, code?

To become a member of an organization you should contact the leader office and begin to participate in events and promotions. Showing due diligence, a person can consider themselves a member of the organization.

Bureaucracy rather would hinder the work of the organization.

Of course, the most important is the ideological conformity of a person to our views. To understand the ideological direction of the organization, before joining you should study texts software movement. There are at least Eurasian – list of references the authors conservative direction required reading for everyone joining the organization.

– Is there a selection on religious grounds? Members of the ESM are Orthodox, including the believers, the old believers. But can if you wish to join the organization, representatives of other confessions?

– Main selection criteria are the ideological and geopolitical perspectives. Very good belonging to traditional faiths, characteristic of the Eurasian ethnos. We are open to representatives of all confessions and beliefs of the small peoples of Eurasia. Here we adhere to the principle of “blossoming complexity”. However, the ESM is closed for militant atheists, Satanists and all sorts of sectarians, that is, those who can be called representatives of the anti-system by Gumilev. The majority of the members of the ESM are Orthodox Christians.

– Briefly, what are the goals of the ECM? And in the short and in the long run?

The ESM has several main objectives. In due time the minimum program of the organization was to prepare the society to the creation of the Eurasian Union. This goal has been achieved: the Eurasian Union, albeit in its economic incarnation, is a reality. A global goal is now filling the space of the Union of meanings. This implies the development and promotion of an ideological platform for further integration and imperatritsa.In a sense, we are called to serve as a beacon not only for youth, but for all sane forces of our society, which are sorely lacking ideological vector.

The second objective is the practical promotion of the Eurasian integration on an intellectual level and practical.

And, finally, the Eurasian Youth Union is intended to be a source of manpower, creating future intellectual elite of the country. We see the shortage which prevails in modern Russia, and we do everything possible to raise passionate youth to ensure the future of the country. Here comes the intellectual elite, who by participating in our events, can significantly develop our potential and use it for the good of the country.

– As far as I know, the Eurasians often organize round tables, discussions, actively published. But lately, it seemed to me, fewer pickets, rallies, participating in marches. Why?

– From the point of view of Platonism, the idea is more important than direct action. And if, at first glance, in modern politics, this argument is incorrect, actually it is not. In modern Russia there is no policy as such. Instead there is a simulacrum, the theatre. This is not a rebuke of modern power: “Pomorska” Russia demanded the removal policy. But in this regard formed a political void filled by different actors. To participate in this is counterproductive.We prefer to form the ideological agenda of the Patriotic part of society, rather than to participate in modern politike. And this does not mean that if our Homeland will hang the threat, we will not respond. In the case of existential challenge to Russian statehood we will come to her aid. But to participate in the current simulation pseudopolitical actions we are not going.

– Now let’s talk about geopolitics. It is clear that traditional contradictions tellurocratic enough to understand and civilizations remain. But are there any chances of a healthy interaction with the West? Say, a global environmental disaster could reconcile the parties?

– Given that the West is the driving force, leading the planet to ecological catastrophe, and if we take into account the conspiracy theories, it’s his deliberate and consistent course, ecology is unlikely to be a factor of reconciliation. However, if in the U.S., for example, some miracle will happen and the coup the Anglo-Saxon elite will be replaced by a more tractable, and if the U.S. removes their bases everywhere, that America may not be the enemy of Eurasia. If you comprehend the entire historical experience of relations with the US and its contemporary context, it seems fantastic.

With US all is very difficult. In the case with them, most likely, and ecological disaster will not help. And what about Europe?

– It should be noted that in the U.S., and in Europe today there are forces, who are aware of all the demonic essence of the modern Pax America, and these forces constitute the true elite of the West. These are people on the ruins of Europe. Now they are our main allies in the West.

– Now there are heated debates about Russia’s enemies. Opinions are divided – some think enemy of the West in General, others are only agents of the West among the Russian opposition, and still others place the blame solely on the traitors in the Russian government. What is the position of the ECM on the issue of who the real enemy is Russia?

– The main enemy of Russia, is of course the Anglo-Saxon globalist elite and their lackeys within Russia itself. Historically, relations between Russia and Europe were not always friendly. However, before the person bearing the “secondary simplification” satanic globalist forces all the healthy movement in Europe automatically become our allies – at least strategic. Such a Union is necessary if we want to bring to the Tribunal the representatives of the Anglo-Saxon elite, whose hands are stained with the blood of the peoples of the world. We must remember that Russia – the fortress state is the main enemy has always been inside.The influencers are the main risk for the Russian state. We should learn from their own history and continue to avoid one’s own mistakes.

– How do You understand “neopreno”?

– Neoprena is a rush that will give the answers at least three questions modern history, the solution of which depends, to be or not to be modern Russia. First-the decision of a personnel question in the country: filling the ideological frames of the competent institutions. Secondly, the complete removal from power of “the fifth” and “sixth column” – a treacherous lackeys of the West. And finally, following from the first two and most importantly – the creation of the subject of strategic action of elites with knowledge and the spirit of domination.

Let’s move on to the political agenda. What do You think, does the current government of the Russian Federation of a coherent state ideology?

– The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has declared a state ideology of patriotism. This is definitely a step in the right direction, but this step is timid and belated. Unfortunately, unlike the patriotism of Eurasianism clear sane ideology is not, so I have to answer this question in the negative.

– It is impossible to be silent about the pressing issues of the state. In recent years, exacerbated social agenda – issues in the field of pension legislation, in the face of collapse of the health system and education. It is noticeable that on this background became very popular initiative of the Communist party, traditionally dealing with these issues. Are there any initiatives and proposals on these issues from the Eurasians?

– The Communist party, in fact, a tombstone of Communist party. The party is the simulacrum. At best it represents a cross-section of the late “tip”. Playing on sensitive issues, the Communist party is not able to solve serious issues, it can be easily seen from the history of this party for the last 20 years. In fairness it’s worth to say that this is one of the most decent modern “parties” in the Russian Federation. About the rest we are “politically correct” will keep silent.

Social problems cannot be decided by populism. They can be decided only by the subject of strategic actions, of which we spoke above. We, as a consistent conservative in politics, are supporters of the welfare state. In fact, Russia needs socialism without Marxism, socialism, rooted in Russian Tradition. You can call it social-monarchism. The creation of such a state system will solve the problems that we’re talking about.

– And finally, let’s talk about traditionalism. The Eurasianists criticized the realities of the “modern world”. In short, what the main objections to the present?

– The main claim to modernity – the shift from qualitative to quantitative approach. That is, the creation of simulacra of changing the nature of things. This is easiest to see in the gait of Western globalism, which negates traditional culture and create from the people obedient biorobots – cogs in the global system. From the point of view of the Orthodox Tradition, the modern world is a factory that condemns souls to eternal torment. Can one speak of “secondary simplification” (Leontiev). Everything it touches the present, it turns into decay, lies, and, ultimately, death.

The Eurasian Union is for the traditional world and its values, and it’s certainly the right attitude. But how to implement it in practice? Can traditional values survive in the modern world, or the age of Kali-Yuga, and nothing can not be helped? In other words, you, the Eurasians, the optimists or the pessimists in the preservation of values?

– We now move to questions of eschatology. The inevitable apostasy and the end of the world. In this sense, we, of course, be called pessimists. But only in the sense of earthly existence. Russia’s goal – to create the eschatological Empire of the End, “Eurasian Ark”, which will be according to the prediction of many Orthodox saints by a barrier before the inevitable coming of the Antichrist. Who endured to the end will be granted the victory. The result will be a new earth and a new heaven. The mission of Russia lies in the last eschatological battle. We must bring the light of Truth to the world.

– Anton, You are the head of the Moscow branch of ECM. What is your job? Why do you answer?

– The main part of my work – human, ideological and organizational work.

– What brings You in to the ECM? Inspired by more General ideas of Eurasianism or specific people?

I came in organization due to the fact that the ESM is the only movement, whose ideology is close to me. The futility of the other ideological organizations and movements have made my choice obvious.

– Is it possible to combine work with Eurasian activities?

– Yes, it is possible. In a sense, I regard all his activities as service to the Eurasian idea.

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