Millerovo airfield | BMPD

The magazine “Jane’s Defence Weekly” in the material Sean O’Connor “Spaceshot: Millerovo Airbase, Russia 48.951765 N 040.296560″ published made ​​March 9, 2016 satellite image of Russia Millerovo airfield in the Rostov region, which is based on the 31 th Fighter Regiment 1st Composite Air division of the 4th Air Force and Air defense army of the Southern military District.

Recycled Millerovo December 1, 2014 31 th Fighter Regiment was equipped with MiG-29, but in October 2015 in the process of re-new multifunctional fighters Su-30cm production Irkutsk Aviation Plant PJSC “Research and Production Corporation” Irkut “. As already reported , our blog, with October 2015 on February 2016 31 th Aviation regiment received 20 new Su-30cm (red hull numbers from “01” to “12” and “21” to “28”).


Dated March 9, 2016 satellite image of the Russian airfield Millerovo in the Rostov region, which is based 31st Fighter Aviation Regiment of the 1st Mixed Air Division of the 4th Army, Air Force and Air Defense of the Southern Military District (with) CNES / Airbus Defence and Space ( via Jane’s) (clickable)

Posted magazine photo taken SPOT satellite series of Airbus Defence and Space (directly produced by the French National Centre for Space Research – Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales – CNES).

According to the snapshot on March 9, 2016 at the airport Millerovo were 20 Su-30cm, three planes “like” Su-27/30 “(according to the author of this article, this aircraft from the third mixed air regiment of the same 1- th Composite air division airfield Krymsk) and 34 MiG-29, the latter continued to be used. Almost the same part of the aviation group in Millerovo, according to the publication, there was there on the satellite photo taken April 5, 2016 (the article will not be published) only the number of MiG-29 was reduced to 32 – and the MiG-29 also continued to fly (in a picture from October 17, 2015 the number of MiG-29 in Millerovo was 36).

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