Syrian SU-22 shot down over Aleppo | Colonel Cassad

Militants Al-Nusra in the fighting south of Aleppo shot down the old Su-22 ml of the Syrian Air Force. The pilot bailed out and was in one story captured, in the other – he was killed after landing.
What was it was hit by it is not clear – a rare MANPADS or a successful hit of the ZU-23 or S-60.


The militants beat up the pilot after landing. Currently, the fate of the pilot unknown. Perhaps already killed.


Actually, the shelling of residential areas of Damascus, the loss of the aircraft the Syrians and the fresh statement about the upcoming offensive near Aleppo clearly show the coming escalation from the radical part of the green.
It’s safe to say that not all people in the photo and video above will be live by the end of the week.



Stauffenberg was Right!

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