The ceasefire in Karabakh | Colonel Cassad

In General, we avoided a big war, that’s great news, including for Russia, which in turn will avoid the unpleasant choice between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the war over Karabakh.

And most importantly – the agreement in case of its implementation will save the lives of many Armenians and the Azerbaijanis, who could fill a long list of the victims of this long-standing ethnic feud that has its roots in the period of the destruction of the USSR.

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Statement of the SAA on the ceasefire in Aleppo | Colonel Cassad

Based on the foregoing, the Syrian army and its allies will ensure that in the very near future, fighting on all fronts in the north, west and south of the province will be resumed, and this time there is nothing to prevent them carrying out, and because the armed forces ATS and Allies declare the following: – urge all civilians along with their families to leave the war zone and to stay away from the positions of militants. In the coming days are coming fierce fighting with anyone who has violated the ceasefire agreement; – During the past 48 hours it was formed by the united headquarters for the liberation of the city of Aleppo and areas to the south and west of it. All parts and special forces arrived in Aleppo and will soon begin military operations; – All relevant Russian, Iranian and Lebanese (Hezbollah) units also arrived in Aleppo, and the coming battle will be a lesson for the “Al-Nusra” and its followers.

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Karabakh | Colonel Cassad

Amid the ongoing positional battles and mutual threats, around the conflict, there was a serious diplomatic activity. The U.S. and the EU special interest (at least visible) in the continuation of the conflict do not show that Russia is negotiating with both sides as usual trying to reconcile them. To the conversation and connected Iran to the territory of which began to the sound of missiles fly out of the combat area. Only Turkey due to certain circumstances, it is obvious that this is Erdogan’s way to annoy Russia for all their misadventures.

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