Dugin’s Guideline – The Day of Iran


It’s an amazing phenomenon – a modern revolutionary Iran, inflexible and solid in the main. It has been several decades since the reign of Ayatollah Khomeini, and the free and independent Iran is not falling, despite pressure, sanctions, threats, the blockade and hatred of the USA and their supporters, both in Europe and in the Islamic world.


Hello, You are watching the program “Directive”. Orthodox lent, and in Iran the feast at the feast: after the Nowruz — the Independence day of the Islamic Republic.

With time, Ayatollah Khomeini several decades, and built largely through his will, intellect and spiritual strength to Revolutionary free and independent Iran is not falling, despite all pressure, sanctions, threats, the blockade and hatred of the USA and its accomplices in Europe and the Islamic world. It’s an amazing phenomenon – a modern revolutionary Iran, inflexible and solid in the main.

On the eve of the Islamic Revolution of Iran was in fact a colony of the West. In the person of the Shah family rule sixth column: Iranian outwardly, but fully Zabrodina Washington, the global oligarchy and blindly executing the orders of the Western curators. Something like Russia of the 90s, however, Russian was generally banned, and the Shah of Iran pretended that respects the Iranian tradition. But this façade concealed servility before the West, and therefore in fact the occupation of the country other powers, external control.

And here against it rose not politicians, but religious leaders, thinkers, prayer books, contemplators, mystics. We, accustomed to the cynicism, materialism and formulas of the type “politics is dirty” will ostalima incredulously, “and as such God’s dandelion managed to take power? Not otherwise it was a cover for more serious – that is, more rude and low – power and interests”. But it was possible. The Iranian Revolution was a purely spiritual phenomenon.Believers under the guidance of their spiritual leaders, rose against injustice, toppled the tyrannical power of the Pro-Western comprador elites, seized the headquarters of band management – the American Embassy – and built their State. Maybe not perfect, but free and independent, proud and confident. The state of believers.

“Not last long”, said enemies and strengthened sanctions. Stretched and stretched again. Here and now festival. The anniversary – the anniversary of the Iranian Shiite spiritual freedom.

You know what was the secret of the success of the Iranian Revolution? That it correctly detected its enemy. The Ayatollah Khomeini openly declared: “the Big Satan – the Great Satan – the United States of America”. Khomeini belongs to the prophetic phrase: “When you hear bells ringing or Christian churches as the muezzin calls you to prayers and you know they say the same thing: “Death to America!”

So — loud and clear. Without ambiguities and flirting. When you know what evil is, know its source, it is displayed by the light, powerless. Even the sanctions against Iran recently shot. And the regime of Ayatollah Khomeini and is growing stronger. And well.

Congratulations dear Iranians. On the day of your spiritual Revolution.

Goodbye, you watched “the Directive Dugin”.

Yes, now we know the jingle bells at our churches.

2 responses to “Dugin’s Guideline – The Day of Iran

  1. The Iranian regime has its problems, but conceptually, the overthrow of a Western puppet government not by military officers (as is more typical), but instead by men of mystical knowledge is something very appealing. Just imagine what a mirror of this ‘revolution’ could produce in Occidental countries! But have we the men of intellect and the men of action to make it happen?


    • The Iranian “victory of blood over the sword” should be of very great interest to every Conservative Revolutionary as a truly Reactionary Revolution that succeeded against all odds and rational predictions, and that has stood the test of time.


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