Conservative Revolution , Moscow, 1994 | Russian thing , Moscow, 2001



“Lenin and Stalin had betrayed the Commune. Their treachery does not should us supporters of Versailles. And we continue to be clear the orphan Revolution chained in the hold of a ship that goes faster and faster from what has no course. Yes, it was a beautiful word “comrade”. As the song goes “We are our, we construct a new world, who was nothing will become everything”.”

Alain de Benoist (“Eight theses on the fall of communism”)The last transformation that occurred with Russia in economic, political and the ideological level have dramatically changed the whole picture of the world politics, completely broke more or less stable political system, established after The second World war. One of the most important ideological results “end proletarian era” is the collapse of the entire spectrum of leftist ideologies, from the moderate social Democrats to Communists and leftist anarchists. Although complete disappearance all of the “left bloc” of political life of Western countries still has to passwhile, fundamentally this issue has been resolved. As if we didn’t take to this, but the politics of the near future will be in terms of what in the world is called the “right ideology”.

Explain that in today’s political vocabulary, the term “right”, “right party”, etc. means primarily the ideological flank, which on the economic-social level firmly and unequivocally to the principles of “liberalism”, i.e. on the ideological positions based on the absolute supremacy of the “market” values over “purely political”, on the recognition of “rational egoism of the individual”, his “desire for personal welfare” unconditional and highest criterion. This understanding of “right wing values”, which is identical, ultimately, ideology“absolute liberalism”, whose principles were formulated by Locke and By Mandeville, — the intellectual fathers of modern Western society it is characteristic for our modern political situation. Of course, a hundred years ago it was just the opposite, and today’s “right” could would be regarded as going “left”. But be that as it may, in modern the world, the concept of “rights” is firmly identified with the media “market”, capitalist, anti-Communist, anti-socialist and individualisticideology, which found its economic expression in the development Friedmann and his team of “Chicago boys”. (Note that the concept of Friedmann were fundamental to policy of Reagan, Thatcher and other Western “right”.)

The end of the USSR as a planetary Bastion of neo-liberal Economics and ideology force all politicians of the world who wish to remain in the System, the establishment and those who fear becoming marginalized, to act and to reason in an unconditional recognition of the right “liberal doctrine,” “rightness market”, of the rightness and inevitability of capitalism. Of course, within the boundaries of “right-liberal” policy, there are many possible shades, nuances, semitones, which opens the way for political competition, for polemics, to fight and debate, but be that as it may, from now on every politician whowould want to be treated seriously, just don’t have the right to put under doubt “the absolute truth” of the post-Soviet world: “the liberal model” is the sole, uncontested and mandatory model of socio-political and economic structure of society. All alternative projects from now on considered as “immoral” and “utopian” Chimera, fraught or Auschwitz, or the Gulag.

Given the political situation with all the need to be “conservatives”, at least to the extent that strive to conserve, “conserve” themselves the fundamentals of the “liberal model”.

Today nothing is more discredited as a Revolution. Today nothing doesn’t look so inappropriate and even obscene as the color Red, the color of the Revolution. And even the Green Revolution of Islam fall reflections fiery and bloody panels of communism.

But people with deep political and ideological intuition, all often you ask yourself, not whether this is some giant catch? Not for the end of communism a terrible deception leading instead of genuine The restoration of Tradition and appeals to historical soil values, to the decline is even more terrible than obvious today, with all the inconsistency the “left” Communist regimes? And it is striking that for “rethink” communism does not appeal to its traditional supporters, and its traditional opponents who criticized the Communist regime when it wasis not so secure. The revolution today is being trampled by everyone. But not to eat whether this fact alone sufficient reason to not to trust the banal opinion of the crowd? As Nietzsche says “it is better to die of thirst than to quench it from the source where drinking human scum”. Isn’t it time to rethink the Revolution?

The Archetype Of The Revolution
Rethinking the concept of “Revolution” in “law”, “soil”, “traditionalist” the key began long before the “end of communism”. The most comprehensive and thoughtful version of the “positive Revolution” was the concept German “conservative revolutionaries” — Arthur Mueller van den Bruck, Ernst Jünger, Ernst Nikisch, Oswald Spengler, etc., These authors for the first time since clear showed the difference between “simple and inertial”, “reactionary” conservatism from a fresh, young and active “revolutionary conservatism”,the “conservatism” associated with the spirit of the Revolution. The concept of the German conservative revolutionaries the early-mid 20th century are becoming today could not be relevant. But their ideas were largely affected by the specific historical and national context. It is important that in the first place to understand archetypal structure of the Revolution as a phenomenon, to grasp its paradoxical and mysterious logic in its purest form.

Every revolution is rooted in the socio-political crisis of society. Any revolution must precede the period of social decomposition, degradation, and political stagnation. Revolution is realized only in “decrepit” society, in the society ossified and lost its political and social energy, your life. Revolution in its etymological sense, means literally “who-rotation”, “treatment” and the term implies a certain cyclic the change of regime. The Latin term “revolution” is also called Romanesquelanguages cyclical change of day and night, seasons, seasons, etc way, revolution is what follows the degeneration of society, for the period social death as new life, new energy, new beginning. In the most General sense, the energy Revolution is the energy of Life, directed against death, energy, Freshness vs stagnation of the Movement against paralytical. And even the cruelty of the Revolution demonstrates her youth, about her breaking through old limitations and old forms of life. So morning breaks violentlythe inertia of the night, and the riot of spring — frosty shackles of winter stagnation. Be that as it no, revolution does not happen without crisis. It cannot occur in a healthy and full-fledged society. In such a society, it just will have no sense. All this seems obvious and almost banal, but nonetheless, conservatives often forget these very simple truths, becoming the apologists of inertia, clean “reactionaries”, the defenders and protectors of the decay and stagnation, glorifying the lifeless of winter social stability and disgusting falsity forecastimage moralism.

But the revolutionary discovery of a new social energy is replaced with the need another period of stagnation, another fall, another winter. It “betrayal of the revolution”, “the apostasy” is already included in your logic the concept of “revolution”, as the term implies circularity and frequency.

Here it should also be noted one very important fact. On the view of “traditionalists”, that is people recognizing the supremacy of the spirit over matter, of the Sacred over the profane, etc., the process cyclic development (including the process of cyclical development of society) takes place descending from the Golden age to the Iron from an Earthly Paradise to the Earth Hell. This is the point of view of all the sacred and spiritual teachings, religions, mystical doctrines, etc. for society this means that any new revolution in its consequences in its stagnation phase leads to resultsworst than the previous pre-revolutionary regime. This is opposite, the shadow side of the Revolution, its negative aspect. But strictly speaking, Revolution is responsible for the inexorable logic of sacred history? Not whether it is in this case the hostage is more global and more General laws? And wider isn’t any new revolutionary flash life the uprising not only against old age and stillnot a particular society, as a protest against old age and stillnot at all? Do not hide in each concrete revolution, the echo of the one Absolute Revolution, great Revolutionagainst the world, against its entropic laws and principles of the dead, against his rock, sucking in the deep the Blizzard?

The archetype of the Revolution in its purest form — is the archetype of Return, return, the archetype overcome the inertia of the cycle. That is why the main face of the revolution is Superman, “the meaning of the earth”, the heroic personification of Absolute The overcoming, Eternal Return to Eternity, where as Nietzsche “were baptized all things.”

October as a result of history
How well the “conservative revolutionaries” nor understood the essence ritual and the mystery of the Revolution, they collected together with the historical revolutions and critical experience. Historical revolution was gradually discovered that what were they fundamentally flawed, false, negative, decadent. Revolutionary ideas became increasingly discredited by the post-revolutionary periods, and if simple for conservatives it was proof insolvency of the Revolution itself, the “conservative revolutionaries” in the process of purification the essence of Revolution, its approach to the perfect and absolute Archetype.

In the course of history the purpose of the revolution was becoming more and more global, and doctrines were exempt from alluvial and minor elements. Each faithful revolution gave rise to a new, more global and more radical. Gradual degradation of human society, paradoxically, contributed the purification of the revolutionary ideal. Contrary to hasty joy “reactionaries” from the ashes of the dead fire new born phoenixes.

The proletarian revolution, but rather, the whole cycle of proletarian revolutions were the most global phenomenon of revolutionary character. Here under question was delivered all: metaphysical and religious dogmas stagnant, self-righteous society (which in the gospel is told as the angel of the Church of Laodicea — “you are neither cold nor hot, but lukewarm”), the basis of economic structure the whole approach to an anthropological problem. The proletarian revolution put the task of not only building a radical new society, but also radicallya new person, and even radically new space. In a sense, proletarian revolution —the revolution of the last of the four traditional classes —incorporates all the revolutionary motives (caste, economic, religious etc.) of previous historical periods. In addition, the national socialist and Nazi revolution, which was also the Central phenomena the revolutionary reality of the twentieth century, also had a distinct “worker”, almost a “proletarian” character, which is reflected even in the title The NSDAP, National socialistWorking (our italics — A. D.) Party Germany. Communism and fascism were the last historical word Revolution, its synthetic, the most global of embodiment, its apotheosis.

The end of communism, his decline, his degeneration, and then his betrayal from his the Soviet leaders, in an archetypal sense, means the end historical revolutions. “Glasnost” and the revelations of the Gulag put last the cross on the revolutionary doctrine. The final discrediting of communism virtually identical to the final discrediting of the Revolution as ideas. Restructuring is the triumph of “conservatism”, the planetary triumph of conformism, the triumph of stagnation, the triumph of the “last people”, “moderate egoists” from “newconsumer society”(FAI). Proletarian revolutionary was the revolutionary of all of them. Its the end, its loss, its sale caused the historical cycle of the Revolution the last blow. “End of the proletarian era” is the end of a historic Revolution.

The revolution against the modern world
If you follow the logic of the Archetype of Revolution, remaining faithful to Life and Youth contrary senility winning triumphant “liberalism”, we can say, the failure and discrediting of the global historical revolutions, leaves open only one path — the Absolute path of the Revolution, on the side of the story, the radical Revolution against the Modern World in whole, rather than against, some of its components.

We consider the critical experience and refuse to “proletarian” illusions. We accept the blow of the death of communism and believe it is our l and h n s m defeat although we as “conservative revolutionaries” have always been at the forefront of it the most ardent opponents. Endless love Revolution forces us to consider defeat all forms of n and W and m defeat, n a s h e tragedy of th, n and W th e pain.

But beyond communism has become terrible and dreadful face only a genuine Revolution, which has become not private and relative recovery the old humanity, but the real and absolute return, Return to The source, to the Beginning, to the Source of Life and Light, whose “Kingdom is not of this world”, to him who “conquered death”.

Only after the end of communism for the first time a Revolution gets its true and the most profound, purely religious significance, as it becomes The revolution against the Rock, against the Modern World, as the world of Antichrist against the highest manifestation of universal evil, which is not to be with l and W to about m “hot” or with l and W to about m “cold”, but to be with l and W to about m “warm” — “warm” as cautious and selfish “liberals” “the new society of consumption”, as “the last people”.

Superman is the main figure of the Revolution. It is logical to assume that the main figure of Absolute Revolution will be the ultimate Superman, the one whom Nietzsche sparingly and scary has defined the following words “Superman this is not a man”.

“Warm” the liberals are yesterday zealous conformists and lackeys in the service of samodurnogo Soviet regime, but today, detractors and persecutors of the red banner, — “reactionaries”, “conservatives”, “right” celebrate today the feast at the grave October. Fullness! The end of communism no revolution was not a worm rock and corruption secretly consumed to dust the proud sculpture of Vera Mukhina. After communism came “com-mutants” that carry the same dull decay decay that and that persisted by inertia and habit, the soldiers of the rearguard of the party. RememberYeltsin’s face: bewilderment, sadness, barely concealed depression. Such faces the revolutionaries do not exist. This mask is tinted “dilapidation”, vague features of fatigue, sometimes illuminated by flashes of maniacal. This is the face of all friend us party zombies, only this time in lively artful the wizards pulled the corpse of the liberal democratic uniform.

But today’s “warm” identify his impotence with the collapse of the Revolution in vain yawn all the time, naively believing that the System will now provide them a calm and comfortable sleep. The fire of Revolution is coming. But this time it absolute Fire absolute Revolution.

Fire Mode
Odd to hear patriots talk today about the need for “salvation country and people” and a tearful sigh — who “lost Russia”, about who “lost the Union”. It is strange to hear the phrase — “give us back the past” (tsarist or Soviet, doesn’t matter). While the basis of the opposition will be Nostalgie romantic and whining — fingerless Griffin will be cynically soaring over crushed and humiliated the country, unidirectional sinking into a quagmire of powerlessness and lethargy. If the opposition and nostalgia are synonymous, if the opposition only different the expression of the General dilapidation, then it is destined to disappear, to dissolve into mistthe historical agony of a once great nation and a once great state along with the doomed gang rusofobstvo liberals. Well, the most consistent “right” (supporters of “the monarchy” and “Russian capitalism”) seems to have understand and logically decided to vote for Yeltsin. There and the road that rag dolls from KGB “chest of wonders”. Paladins of “perpetual stagnation” finally recognized each other. Not surprisingly, if Yeltsin, in the end, support and moderate, “pink” social Democrats. All this counter-revolutionary bastard — nothing like chain dogs of the Past.

The future of Russia is still there. But the mystery of it, the path to it, the password for entry it is the word “FIRE”.

Every spring ancient Aryans, which means that our ancestors, the Slavs, burnt straw the doll — the image of a dark snake-like goddess of Cold, Kali, mistress of the Kingdom of Decay. Every spring hard and merciless sentence is pronounced by the great Sun, our Aryan Sun, the arrogant elements of World of Ice. This is his Holiday, his Revolution, his Resurrection, his Triumph contrary to those who believe that winter — forever and resigned to its laws. The spring — never in the Past. She is in the future. In the past, only the slanting rays of the autumn pale weakness.

If the current opposition chooses “great”, the future of Russia, the Regime FIRE regime and the Revolution devour her. All the old must go, to sink into oblivion that is the law of Eternity. It is the will to Revolution. If the opposition will not accept FIRE mode if its primary slogan, its pulse, its energy will not become the imperative of the REVOLUTION, she finds herself not as opposition, but as part well-oiled and dead System.

The shoot mode is higher than the division into patriots and Encinitas. In this the choice on the scale of the secret history thrown something much more meaningful than political affiliations or ideological preferences. It’s a test Spirit. For the elite Fire Posledna Revolution will be excelsim, transforming Light. The damned will be covered by splashes of black infernal Heat. But even personally if us is negative the outcome, anyway, we should passionately wish for FIRE, the purifying, sacred, merciless and fair elements.The fire is the same thing that Justice, namely, the dream of final “Burning Justice” want to take away from Russia a grim Herald of the End History.

Fire mode — this rebellion Blood and Soil against all structures and all institutions power based on the agreement on the compromise, the legal abstractions, not taking into account the deep and spontaneous Voice of the Nation, the imperative of the Russian Space. The Revolution no one will give us any resolution or sanctions. One of odobrat for her and not praise. But the inner Fire of Russia, The future fire her, Fire erupting from under the ice and sleep Eternal National The truth needs no incentives and mandates. Element — not the deputies.

Will clap, will come, will inflame — Not through the ages, and tomorrow. Well maybe the day after tomorrow. But not later. Coming FIRE mode, a century awakened to Eternity Russia.

Our flag remains red!

You know why we have Red Flag? This is our color and your blood, Lord liberals. But it is also the color of Fiery Avenging Sword of the Lord coming to gather its last harvest.

Our Banner remains Red, though perhaps now we should add the white field of purity of our thoughts and the black mark of a Great Pole, Heaven, beyond the Rock and martesia the shadow of Death.

We have well learned the lesson of the proletarian, and carefully ponder upon its meaning. No, we no longer believe in a bright future. We have no more illusions about the Human ability to create something great and fair, without being this “only Human”. Thanks to the treachery of October we finally convinced that “man is something that should be overcome”. “People is not a goal, it is only the path to the Superman”.

After the end of communism

“Beyond the North, beyond the Ice, beyond side now ON the other SIDE, our life, our happiness.

(F. Nietzsche).

We are able to meet only Eternity, and therefore WE LOVE YOU REVOLUTION.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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