Dugin’s Guideline – Palmyra is OURS



Palmyra – our. It’s not just a dry statement summaries. It is ours, because we are a country, a state, a people – sided with Bashar al-Assad, fighting to save Syria as a country and as a nation.

Hello, You are watching the program “Directive Dugin”

Here, look. In our time right now in this moment Russian soldiers – maybe it’s our friends and even relatives involved in the war. And in war anything can happen. Environment, injury, death. And they are inside that is present in the elements of full-fledged war – injuries, death, pain, horror, and the joy of victory with glee when the objective is taken. Palmyra – our. It’s not just a dry statement summaries. It is ours, because we are a country, a State, a people – sided with Bashar al-Assad, fighting to save Syria as a country and as a nation. We are inside the war. It’s not an order, it is fate.And here is our military caught in the environment, and realizing that chances to survive no – think, we’re not talking about the past but about the present — and here before our eyes some of our Russian people “no chance to survive” — calls the fire itself. And dies a heroic death.

Islamic fanatics boast, quoting one of its first leaders – “our soldiers love to die like you live.” Yeah, maybe we don’t like to die. But to live as slaves under the heel of the cleared-up mad gang of pseudo-religious maniacs we don’t intend to. This is not a Russian life under the boot of establishing its laws the stranger. And so – with all that we’d like to live in, we are able in certain circumstances to choose death. How he chose the death of the Russian hero, whose name we do not know when the assault on Palmyra.Therefore, the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, famous for its luxury and great history, and turned obscurantist prohibited in Russia LIH in a concentration camp and the trash, it’s our town. We shed blood, that he was part of our Syria, which now definitely will be either ours, or it will be impossible.

Assad asked us to help. Not just help, Assad asked us to save the Syrian people. But our mission is to bring the peoples of the world Salvation. We intended destiny. And save have from anyone. If not to stop this monstrous power that, like the Genie out of the bottle, was made by American strategists, everywhere sowing chaos and destruction in Libya, Iraq, Yemen based on their Saudi and Qatari proxies, it will come to us. Storming Palmyra is a direct defense of our national interests. If we stop them there, they will not come to us here. This is serious.Therefore, the life of our heroes is not accidental. Blood is not water. All on the account. If our boys are dying in Syria, so there is that.

By the way, no wonder the shed blood. And no matter how cursed our invasion of Afghanistan, and we wanted to stop there all the same the American-sponsored pseudo-Islamic evil. And we were right. But then we lacked the will and mind to accomplish. But if evil does not win on its territory, it will come to ours.

It is clear logic – the laws of geopolitics, it’s nothing personal. So Palmyra must be ours. As the Crimea and the new Russia.

The bright memory of the Russian hero. Come on, guys.




Stauffenberg was Right!

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