Dugin’s Guideline – Palmyra is OURS

Assad asked us to help. Not just help, Assad asked us to save the Syrian people. But our mission is to bring the peoples of the world Salvation. We intended destiny. And save have from anyone. If not to stop this monstrous power that, like the Genie out of the bottle, was made by American strategists, everywhere sowing chaos and destruction in Libya, Iraq, Yemen based on their Saudi and Qatari proxies, it will come to us. Storming Palmyra is a direct defense of our national interests. If we stop them there, they will not come to us here. This is serious.Therefore, the life of our heroes is not accidental. Blood is not water. All on the account. If our boys are dying in Syria, so there is that.

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The main striking force in Syria has become helicopters

The media reported the recent deployment to Syria of attack helicopters Ka-52 alligator and Mi-28N “Night hunter”. This is a good addition to the squadron (12 attack helicopters Mi-24, Mi-35 and Mi-8), which is already in force in Syria since the beginning of the operation. Our newest helicopters can operate effectively in both day and night. And here, of course, important not only their tactical and technical characteristics, but also flying skills of the crews that operate them. Unlike Americans of our helicopter pilots are taught to act under conditions of limited nighttime visibility.And equal to them in airmanship, there is no one in the world. It’s no coincidence that in the UN peacekeeping mission, it was the Russian helicopter air group invited most often.

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Donbass – The Pigsty of Mess?

“The former head of the “DPR” Igor Strelkov said that in the Donbass “people’s power is not even close to lying”.

According to him, the leaders of the “DPR” and “LPR” are trying to copy the Russian version of oligarchy.

“There is no power of the people – even close did not roll. There is copied the Russian oligarchic system… Sometimes even grotesque. No power there,” admitted Strelkov.

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