Dugin’s Guideline – Pre-Raphaelites: European indigenous spiritual traditions


Human beings are aesthetic.


Hello, you are watching the program “Directive Dugin”. Today is a very important date – birthday of William Morrissey, a brilliant representative of the second generation of English artists – pre-Raphaelite, friend of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

The English pre-Raphaelites represented a very interesting phenomenon not only in the sphere of culture and art, but also in ideology. They were representatives of the conservative avant-garde. That is, on the one hand, they rejected modernity, with its materialism, vanity, appliances and low taste of the masses, appealed to antiquity, to the indigenous spiritual traditions of Europe, from antiquity and Greco-Roman high examples of tragic and beautiful.

But on the other hand, they cried to the construction of alternative futures, developed ideas of a new society built on justice, inculcate a high and exquisite taste, the exaltation of man over brute commonplace and vulgar calculation. They were in radial opposition to Anglo-Saxon capitalism that prevailed in their time, and could see the degradation, decline and degeneration, when others were delighted with the endless opportunities of open market and private enterprise.The pre-Raphaelites were not decadents, themselves, they exposed the decadence, decadence in the bourgeois world. And were exactly right.

The main theorist of the movement pre-Raphaelite John Ruskin to describe their ideas, in art and social life have introduced a special term: “Gothic socialism.” This combination of high Christian Gothic, traditions and refined sophisticated conservatism, even dandyism, anti-bourgeois anti-liberal program of social change that should have opened peoples and oppressed sectors of the population with access not just to material wealth but primarily to the beauty, to the beauty. Pre-Raphaelites believed that man is a being primarily aesthetic.He is the only living creatures who are able to understand what beauty is. How here not to remember “beauty will save the world” Dostoevsky – quite preraphaelite slogan, the formula of the Gothic socialism.

Why are we talking about? Take a guess. Our society is strangled rough economic thinking, the endless worries about material matters, with fractional charge about insignificant trifles. We are suffocating in cynicism and vulgarity of the modern liberal mindset. Us today pursues the same utilitarian spirit of bourgeois, and the pre-Raphaelites of the 19th century. And hence the queues at the museums, hence the scarcity of tickets. This is a Russian protest against life because of lacking beauty, aesthetics and elegance. And by the way, are so lacking in it and justice.We had socialism, and some of its sides in comparison with the bourgeois wildness of the 90s are becoming more attractive. But he was still some very sloppy… Unfinished, raw. Too materialistic and vulgar. To this exactly I want to go home. But… that Gothic Russian socialism…

But in our century, Silver was a Northerner and Bryusov, Vyacheslav Ivanov and Dmitry Merezhkovsky –aesthetes and thinkers who deserve a exotic tastes of William Morrissey or Dante Gabriel Rossetti with his hand armadillos and wombats, otelyami and beautiful ladies of King Arthur’s court. We have our own Russian myths, no less beautiful than European, Celtic or Germanic.

Goodbye, it was a Directive Dugin dedicated to the memorable date – the birthday of the master of the second wave of pre-Raphaelites William Morris.

Not justice in the name of satiety, but social justice in the name of beauty… In my opinion great.

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