Dugin’s Guideline – Brussels: the return of the boomerang?

Can we call a series of bombings that shook the capital of Belgium and the European Union something unexpected? Well, of course not. Something similar is expected immediately after the attack at the Bataclan. And it was known that one of the ringleaders of the Paris terrorist attacks was hiding in Brussels. It was just discovered. In a sense, everything is predictable.

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Huntington, Fukuyama, and Eurasianism

Among all civilizations, only the Western civilization has presented itself as universal, pretending to be in this way “the civilization” (singular). In formal terms, now nobody replicates it, rather in reality the great majority of men and women who live outside of the European or American space reject this dominion, and continue to be rooted in different historical-cultural types. This is what explains the current resurgence of civilizations. Huntington concluded, concerning that, that the planetary dominion of the West will face new challenges. He advised being conscious of this danger, to prepare oneself for the reappearance of certain premodern forms in the postmodern era, and to try to protect oneself against them to guarantee the security of Western civilization.

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Interview with Colonel General Alexander Dvornikov

Our military advisers have worked and are working at all levels, including tactical. These officers are assisting Syrian counterparts in the planning and conduct of combat operations against terrorists, as well as in the development of Russian military equipment.

I will not hide that on Syrian territory there are divisions and our special operations Forces. They perform exploration of objects for strikes of Russian aviation, engaged in bringing aircraft on targets in remote areas, solve other specific tasks.

But we must bear in mind that in Syria are the same and similar units of the armed forces of the United States, other coalition States.

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The attack on Palmyra | Colonel Cassad

The main problem of the Caliphate apart from the lack of even focal POV, is a catastrophic shortage of heavy artillery and tanks that were knocked out in previous fights, and to compensate for these losses is nothing, therefore, constantly played out the situation when mechanized part with the support of artillery, MLRS, attack helicopters and aircraft are attacking the positions of light infantry with a few armored vehicles and carts.

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Brussels. Aftermath. | Colonel Cassad

There is a serious failure of the Belgian intelligence services, who knew that Jihadists in the capital were preparing for the attacks, but who were unable to prevent them. And, apparently the organizers of the explosions in Brussels were directly or indirectly linked to the persons responsible for the attack on Paris, but even then they said that terrorist attacks in other capitals of the EU countries are among the priority objectives of the agents of the Caliphate in the European Union.

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