The bloody restructuring of Libya by the USA | Alexander Dugin


“Ousted Qaddafi’s regime now looks a Paradise.”

Hello, you are watching the program “Directive Dugin”. These days in Tunisia, the foreign Ministers of countries neighboring Libya, to discuss the fate of the long-suffering Libyan people.

Talk calmly about what made this a prosperous country with wonderful and kind people, the Americans and their accomplices – the Islamists, without pain impossible. Qaddafi’s regime now looks a Paradise. Washington and the European Union are required to remove the dictator at any cost. And why this mindless deception was supported by the then President of our country Dmitry Medvedev. I wonder today how he reads reports from the country flooded with blood, divided into criminal groups warring with each other, harassed by cynical exploitation of American oil companies, where each oil rig is guarded by squads of private armies and the civilian population wants only one thing – to live another day or to escape into any country.

With Gaddafi, society far from perfect, lived a normal life. Now the words “Libya” and “hell” have become synonymous. Into the same hell the Americans turned Iraq, rescuing it from another dictator, again faulty, but maintaining order and normal life. In Syria, this bloody American restructuring, cynically called Arab Spring, continues. And if Russia had not interfered in time, Syria would not exist simply. What to say: in the face of the United States and their supporters in Europe, in the face of Islamic State, banned in Russia, and had settled in Libya with the support of the Washington curators, we deal with real geopolitical maniacs.

So what can solve the Foreign Ministers of Libya’s neighboring countries? To be honest, nothing. Nothing. They are faced with in a short time the same thing, whatever they bargained for. It is the plan of the Great Middle East, presented by Washington in the action. In it the goal is not the construction of any other alternative to the existing order, but by bloody chaos. And there’s no other plan yet. Moreover, it does not exist and cannot be in countries neighboring Libya, as they are in the same situation as she is. In each state are long entrenched sponsored by the USA and Saudi Arabia with Qatar terrorists banned in Russia, ISIL and other similar hotbeds of death. And the need to synchronize your steps with the United States make stalemate: because the one who applies today for a role of a judge and even an executioner in the current international situation, becomes the main culprit.

What else can be done with these authorities governing nothing — in Tobruk recognized, but powerless, or in Tripoli, where governs Islamists prohibited in Russia? When you consider that in the remaining areas the power belongs completely to random formations – up to the Tuareg tribes, bloody Hillary was right: (they, the US) bombed Libya into the stone age. And the oil rigs continue to pump oil under the supervision of the private American armies in the midst of wild, confused and a loyal nation deprived of any hope…

Would Russia do something at least to help them? She was able to help Syria and she helped. But not Libya. It’d cost to prohibit American vultures to impose a no-fly zone, and all things could go otherwise. Now, alas, it’s late. So to speak realistically and without embellishment.

Goodbye, you watched Libyan Dugin’s Guideline.

That’s what’s important: keeping current American hegemony in the world to change anything for the better will not work, simply speaking. It is an axiom. And it needs to begin to reject it.

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  2. Hi,

    I reposted the post but I’ve made few corrections. Yandex does what it can translating Russian, but IT staff works too slow, so the Yandex faulty works are going on, and on, and on…

    I do not correct translated texts writing them anew as they did in Fort Russ, for example. I try to keep the Yandex style (word for word) but not to the limit of misunderstanding, of course. :)

    So, if you like you may take this corrected post.

    BTW. Thanks for your blog and “thumbs up” for your insightful searches for interesting topics.


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