Paradigm of the End | Alexander Dugin

Analyzing civilizations and their relations, confrontations, development, and interconnections is such a complex problem that results can be obtained which are not simply different, but totally opposite depending on the methodology and the level of research. Therefore, in order to obtain even the most approximate conclusions, it is necessary to apply a reduction which brings a number of criteria down to a single, simplified model. Marxism unambiguously prefers the economic approach, which becomes a substitute and the common denominator for all other disciplines. Liberalism, in essence, though less explicitly, does as well.

A qualitatively different method of reduction is offered by geopolitics which, although less known and less popular, is nonetheless no less effective or less illustrative in explaining the history of civilizations.

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Russia’s First Post-Syria Move: Stronger T-72 Battle Tanks | Dave Majumdar

While the world has been focused on Russia’s air campaign in Syria, Moscow continues its military modernization closer to home. The Kremlin is planning on modernizing one hundred and fifty additional Soviet-era T-72B main battle tanks to the T-72B3M standard. The upgraded vehicles would offer performance comparable to the much more modern T-90, but for a fraction of the price.

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Putin reveals units deployed to Syria | Jane’s

President Vladimir Putin confirmed on 17 March that Russian special forces, artillery, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) units have been operating in Syria.

In a ceremony held at the Hall of the Order of St George in the Kremlin, Putin presented medals and decorations to 17 service personnel, including making four Heroes of Russia: the country’s highest honour.

Awards were made to a “missile artillery” commander from the 810th Naval Infantry Brigade and an officer of the 120th Artillery Brigade. A Russian army UAV operator was also honoured, as well as a female officer from an air defence unit.

The senior ground forces officer who oversaw the Russian intervention, Colonel General Alexander Dvornikov, was named in public by the Kremlin for the first time.

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New Ted Cruz national security advisors are leaders of the Islamophobia industry

Gaffney advanced the conspiracy theory that President Obama was born in Kenya, and that he was an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has also been integral in attempting to smear and discredit Muslims who participate in public life, such as Huma Abedin. He has also suggested that GOP operative Grover Norquist is a stealth Muslim Brotherhood operative, due to the fact that he is married to an Arab.

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First New Russian YASEN-Class Attack Sub Has Completed Sea Trials | TASS

Russia’s Project 885 Yasen-class lead submarine Severodvinsk has completed operational trials will soon take the sea for combat training, Russia’s Northern Fleet Spokesman Vadim Serga told journalists on Saturday.

“Operations trials of the Severodvinsk submarine are over and the submarine is ready to fulfill its designated missions. The Severodvinsk’s crew is currently completing measures necessary to put the submarine into service and to take to sea for planned combat training sessions,” he said

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