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Syrian Kurds are now following the example of their Iraqi colleagues, having proclaimed the establishment of “federal region” in northern Syria. De facto, this means the creation on the territory of Syria of a semiautonomous Syrian Kurdistan, which does not withdraws from Syria, but claims to be an independent on a number of issues related to the internal self-government and self-defense issues. Iraqi Kurds have been in this state for quite a long time already, but periodically have hinted that they could declare independence.

Kurds living in Syria announced the establishment in the north of the country a federal region. It includes three Kurdish canton of Northern Kurdistan and some neighboring regions
“For the region Rojava in northern Syria was approved by the federal system,” – said the representative of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party Sihanouk dibo after the meeting in the town of Rumaila in the north-eastern Syria.
The conference announced the creation of a “democratic system Rodzhavy (Western Kurdistan – ed..) And northern Syria.” The representative of the Party of Democratic Union, said in Moscow that is the geographical boundaries of the region to be determined, including three Kurdish canton and some neighboring regions in it.
It is assumed that the “Federation” will unite the disparate ethnic communities, as well as their militias to resist the Islamists.
Commenting on the decision, according to TASS, the official representative of the Directorate of the Foreign Affairs Rodzhavy Naasan Idris said that “the Kurds do not have geographical claims in Syria”, and that they do not intend to seek a federal district exit from the country.
At the congress in Rumaila was attended by about 200 delegates from all over the north of Syria – they represent 30 political parties, Syrian Kurdistan, as well as Arab, Assyrian, Chechen, Circassian, Turkmen and Armenian communities. The meeting is held under the slogan “Federative Syria – is a guarantee of the common life and the brotherhood of peoples.”
Official Syrian authorities have called the creation of a federal region illegally. In a special statement, the Syrian Foreign Ministry notes that “any question of federalization is an infringement on the territorial integrity of the country, contrary to the Constitution of Syria and the international law.” In this issue Damascus supported the opposition National Coalition, as well as Turkey.
Meanwhile, the head of the Syrian Kurdish representation in Moscow Rodi Osman said that the decision of federalization was a response to the fact that the Kurds were not invited to participate in mezhsiriyskih negotiations that are underway in Geneva under the auspices of the UN. Their members are discussing settlement of the conflict in Syria and the possible future of this country. A number of negotiating parties stated the necessity of participation of representatives of Syrian Kurds. This proposal is supported and Russia.
In February 2016 during the armed conflict, strengthening the position of the Syrian Kurds took place in Syria. The organized forces of national self-defense went on the offensive in the north and made ​​significant progress in the Syrian-Turkish border. Earlier, Syrian Kurdistan proclaimed autonomy. The central government of Syria does not recognize this autonomy.

35388_sirijskie_kurdy_objavili_o_sozdani i_federativnogo_regiona.html http://www.trud.ru/article/17-03-2016/13 zinc

Remarkably, against the decision Kurds acted as the official Damascus (who does not want to rush things in matters of federalization of the country), and Turkey, which is now with horror looks at the work of his hands, when the trailer to running at full speed the war on its own territory, near by Iraqi Kurdistan is formed in addition to Rojava. Turkey fears lie in the fact that in Syria and Iraq, the Kurds including by force of arms had cleared themselves a platform to build their own autonomy / independent state. Turkish Kurds fighting for the same thing. Structuring Kurdish territorial entities as autonomous entities, opening new opportunities for Turkish Kurds fight for their freedom. Iraq and Syria are the springboard of this struggle. Turkey at one time imported fighters and weapons into Syria to undermine the Syrian government. Now this state shattered, and Kurds are beginning to think about their post-war future and now the Syrian war, the fruits are starting to return to Turkey.

For Turkey, the situation is complicated by the fact that the US has repeatedly made it clear that does not agree with the assessment of the Kurds as a terrorist action (which is not surprising, given the long-standing plans to create a Kurdistan). Russia, too, can be indirectly interested in an event, in the light of the system of the Russian-Turkish conflict, where the Kurdish factor will be very painful to hit the ambitions of Erdogan. Kurds are naturally eager to play the ambitions and contradictions of great powers hoping that somehow at the end of the war, they receive a minimum of autonomy, or even an independent state. Of course, the great powers are well aware of the desire of the Kurds, and when it is profitable, indulge them. To a greater extent this applies to the United States, whose interest in the Kurdish problem is a long-term nature of the interest Russia here rather situational and is connected on the one hand with the preservation of Syria’s territorial integrity (so Russian and tried to push Kurds in mezhsiriyskie negotiations), and on the other – with the current the nature of the conflict with Turkey.

At the same time, the establishment of joint structures in the north of Syria, will allow the Kurds to fight actively against the Caliphate and also provide resistance to Turkey in the event of intervention. Given the fact that the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds in addition to trophies and artisanal productions, receive military assistance from the US, NATO countries and Russia, the military potential of the Kurds continues to grow. On the one hand already felt the Caliphate victim of a number of sensitive lesions Kurds and Turkey, which sees the growing activity of the Kurds in their territories and the growing threat on its borders. It creates a situation where the structure of Kurdish in Syria and Iraq (with all the contradictions between them) strengthen its military potential, which on occasion can be a foundation for the Kurdish national army if events in the region will be used so that the scenario with the Kurdish autonomy will not be limited.

It is not difficult to understand the concern of Damascus and Ankara, but with the rise of Kurdish influence they will have to accept. Not for the Kurds fought for several years to return to pre-war situation where they did not have their autonomy. Therefore, Damascus officially of course, this initiative does not recognize and will not support, but de facto will be forced to agree with the current state of affairs (the more so because leverage over the Kurds Assad is not very much). Turkey will make it much more difficult, and this situation will always provoke Turkey to send troops into northern Syria, in order to try to force to prevent the implementation of the most horrible nightmares Turkey related to the creation of Kurdistan. Personally, my opinion – the Kurds autonomy quite a navoyevat. Rather the question is – do not want the Americans using the autonomist aspirations of the Kurds to return to the ambitious plans to create a unified Kurdish state at the expense of Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

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