The Start of the withdrawal of the Russian aviation group from Syria | BMPD

As reported March 15, 2016, the Office of the press service and information of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, the first group of bombers su-34 taking off from the airbase Hamim in Syria and after a long air flight, arrived at the airbase in the Western military district of the Voronezh region.

Before landing, the aircraft passed over the airfield in front of an air line at low altitude.

In the solemn ceremony of meeting the pilots, performed combat missions in the Syrian Arab Republic, was attended by the Commander of the aerospace forces (VKS) Russia Colonel-General Victor Bondaryev.

At the airport returning pilots met their relatives and friends.

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We cannot leave by withdrawing | Colonel Cassad

The task of military stabilisation of the Syrian government successfully solved. Question military defeat of Assad with the agenda cleared. This is the main strategic achievement. Despite the fact that military assistance was rendered to Assad at a very late stage (it would be a year in 2012-2013), six months of intensive military aid has led to the understanding of the West the simple fact that to militarily overthrow Assad will not work. In autumn we observed the wreck of the former U.S. strategy in the middle East.In fact, she’s already on the incense breathed, Russia simply chose a favourable moment for their actions, which allowed Russia to demonstrate that the middle East Obama’s strategy completely failed, which caused the most hysteria in the American military-political establishment and forced the White House, the state Department and the Pentagon during the winter feverishly to change plans in Syria and Iraq, the result of which was the decision to begin land operation in Iraq.

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