Dugin’s Guideline – Russian Spring


“Dugin Directive” – ​​the release of the Russian Spring

Hello, you’re watching a program directive Dugin. These days we are celebrating the second anniversary of the Russian Spring. Two years ago, East Ukraine rose against neo-Nazi junta took place in Kiev coup and seized power.

Date of serious and tragic. Two years passed. Given our Crimea. Donbass fighting for freedom, but it does not make a single step back. And what about the rest Novorossia? With the one that said no usurpers and the putschists, rejected the criminal regime and supporting it in the West? What’s wrong with our Russian dream of the liberation of our people and our land from slavery and oppression? With the will to build a Greater Russia?

It is a heavy topic. All the two years there is a war. Sometimes in war as in war thunders artelleriya, heard explosions and gunshots, hundreds of people ginut. Sometimes the guns fall silent and start talking diplomats and politicians. But we were not reassured, nobody and nothing can make people forget Novorossia, this bloody wound our New Russia, this dream, this pain, this hope. Both the people of the former East Ukraine will never accept the catastrophe, which brought Ukraine destroyed maidan, which condemned the people to the horrors of the civil war.

Today, everyone understands that Ukraine will never be a single, it is not one country, but at least two. When Kiev refused to reckon with the will of the people of the East and the South, ie the Crimea and the New Russia, he signed starne death sentence. Ukraine could suschetsovvat only as a country with two nations, with the pro-Western west, well, so be it, and pro-Eastern – pro-Russian East. So it was necessary to respect those and others. Otherwise death. Kiev two years ago on Independence chose the West, that is daring. And dare to come.

No Crimea, there Donbass … But that’s not all. Yet millions of people – the second or even the first is where to look – Ukraine live in a state of occupation. It is the people of New Russia, which only has a difficult path of liberation. So, nothing is finished.

Many say Russian Spring betrayed. Others complain that they do not have the heart. Others reproach lack of coordination between themselves people of New Russia. Fourth argue that Moscow put pressure from the West, and the fifth and sixth columns have contributed. Maybe all this is so, but … we do not give up no matter how difficult it was not. Italian writer Curzio Malaparte said, nothing is lost, all is not lost. Everything in the New Russia is not exactly lost. It is difficult, bloody, scary, through the meal and even after the betrayal, but Donbas is, holds a last effort, but holding on. And the great Russian people in Ukraine are also not broken and conquered. Yes, it is difficult. Yes, almost unbearable. But you have to stay. Russian Spring proved to be more difficult and bloody than it seemed. But that’s no reason to drop everything halfway.

New Russia lives in our blood, in our Russian heart. We remember its heroes and its collaborators. While the second would be better to forget quickly. We must look forward. We should be aware that each new spring can and should be Russian. It depends ultimately only on us. As far as we woke up.

Goodbye, it was a directive by Dugin New Russia.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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