Syrian Christian leader tells West: ‘Stop arming terror groups who are massacring our people’

The world leader of Syria’s besieged Christians has issued a heartfelt plea to the West to “stop arming and supporting terrorist groups that are destroying our countries and massacring our people.”

The Patriarch of Antioch, Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, said he was not asking the West for military intervention to defend Christians.

If the West wants to do something about the present crisis, the most effective thing would be to support local governments, which need sufficient armies and forces to maintain security and defend respective populations against attacks.

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Russia announces withdraw of ground forces from Syria

“I think that the tasks set to the defense ministry are generally fulfilled. That is why I order to begin withdrawal of most of our military group from Syria starting from tomorrow,” Putin said on Monday at a meeting with Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

In Putin’s words, during their operation in Syria, Russian military have demonstrated professionalism and teamwork, having performed all the set tasks.

“Besides, our military, soldiers and officers demonstrated professionalism, teamwork and ability to organize combat work far away from their territory, having no common borders with the theater of war,” he said.

During the operation in Syria, Russia managed to create even if a small, but efficient military alighment of multiple-type forces and means, the president said. “Efficient work of our military has created conditions for the start of a peace process,” the president said.

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The withdrawal from Syria | Colonel Cassad

The withdrawal suggests that there is an agreement with the United States that a truce with Assad’s part of the “green” will last long enough, and that there is no direct threat that the regime will be overthrown by military means. At the same time the withdrawal of troops means that the US will have an opportunity to implement its plan to have a “small victorious war” against the Caliphate, since the reduction of the power of support from the Russian-Assad will be difficult to continue the effective development operations to the east of Aleppo, in the eastern districts of Hama province in the area of ​​Palmyra and offensive in Raqqa.

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