A Close relationship does not mean full agreement | Colonel Cassad

In Syria, Russia is involved in roughly the same situational coalition, where in addition to Russia, Syria and Iran, there is a smaller participants like Hezbollah, Shiite groups in Iraq, Palestinians and Kurds. In Assad’s vision of the course and outcome of this war. In the Iranian clergy, it too can and probably is different from the vision of Russia. The aim of the coalition diplomacy is the coordination of these positions to confront the aspiration of opposing coalitions. Of course, Iran and Russia may be differences on the future role Hezbollah and continue the conflict with Israel, on various aspects of Shiite-Sunni confrontation, on the Kurdish question, on various issues of hybrid war against Saudi Arabia and even the future of the post-war Syria. Like Russia, Iran is seriously invested in support of Syria, and of course he wants to get on the end of the war a variety of political benefits strengthen Iran’s position and weaken the position of his opponents. If Russia at the end of the Syrian war and the destruction of the caliphate can concentrate on hold to achieve the effect, the chess game between Tehran and Riyadh for the control of the Islamic world, will continue. For Tehran, the war in Syria is yet another battle in a long-running war, which is in addition to Syria in Iraq and Yemen.

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Russian armored vehicles in the fight against ISIL | Cassad.net

The Syrian armed forces are equipped with Russian tanks. Where our BMP-1, which itself has long been well established, working tanks T-55, T-72. And recent events in Syria demonstrate the reliability, durability and a high level of the combat effectiveness of armored and other vehicles. There were cases, when on the tank T-90 was more than 13 hits of modern means of destruction, but the tank has retained its fighting capability.Our tanks on the device is quite simple, hope to use and possess modern means of destruction which are capable of destroying any opponent that actually shows the T-90 in Syria. No wonder sales of this tank in recent times has increased. Buy it countries in the Middle East, Algeria, India. This again confirms the high combat efficiency of our technology

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Status of the truce in Syria | Colonel Cassad

At midnight on February 27, the Syrian guns fell silent – at least temporarily. As already received numerous allegations of violations, the Syrian truce seems very shaky. The cessation of hostilities, as it is officially called, is the result of two weeks of intense negotiations between the United States and Russia. Before the clock struck twelve, and their efforts have borne fruit, because the UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution in 2268 on the approval of the US-Russian agreement of February 22 and demanded that the Syrian and international actors of his strict implementation.

But whether they will carry it out? And that they must comply with? Due to the very different motives of external actors, due to the complex calculations and relations between Syrian jihadist and jihadist rebel factions it will be difficult and full of dangers process.

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