Manosphere Frees the Nipple


matt forney, man boobsThe Manosphere has once again  followed the lead of Femen and has adopted both topless protests and ‘free the nipple’ in their new manifesto. Residents of New York were stunned when half a dozen pasty men emerged from their computer dungeons, proudly displaying their pendulous natural breasts.
One man said:

“Why shouldn’t we have the right to go topless in public! We are proud, patriarchal men and our beautiful nudity is something which should be on display. We must show the male body in all its beauty! And without shaving our manly, heroic chests! Patriarchy now!” He said bouncing his boobs up and down.

We asked some bystanders about the display and how they felt about.

One homosexual man said:

“It’s disgusting. Those sluts should cover up or at least shave or do something….they call us unmanly and attack homosexuals, but look at those boobs – Jesus Christ they are…

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Stauffenberg was Right!

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