Russia’s Application of Military Power in Syria | Jamestown

It is unsurprising in this context, that Russia’s greatest military theorist, Army-General (retired) Makhmut Gareev, should offer his perspectives on modern warfare, calling for closing the gap between theory and practice. Gareev returns to a familiar theme, arguing that war is the best way to train an army. Framing his arguments with reference to the Great Patriotic War, in his normal style, Gareev reasserts the notion that Russia’s security is best achieved through the unity of the army and society. He offers opinions on government campaigns to promote patriotism in the nation’s youth before turning to outline threats to Russia. Gareev notes in passing that the United States seems to portray Russia as its main enemy. He briefly considers high-technology developments in modern warfare, admitting they play an important role, including automated command and control, UAVs, as well as weapons based on “new physical principles.” Additionally, he says his Academy of Military Sciences has a role to play in exploring these. But in his view, the tank is not redundant in modern war (Voyenno Promyshlennyy Kuryer, February 24).

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I wonder why people are so angry | Fredrik deBoer

One of American liberalism’s many abundant problems is an ingrained sense that the people it most needs to convince are somehow not worthy of the effort. Well, it’s a terrible mistake to support Trump. But in democracy, your job is to convince the people who believe terrible things to stop. Merely judging them makes you feel better. Convincing them makes the world better. Stokely Carmichael said, “If a white man wants to lynch me, that’s his problem. If he’s got the power to lynch me, that’s my problem.” And if 30 people support a monster like Trump, that’s their problem. If 30 million do, that’s our problem. So decide if you’d rather fix that problem or make yourself feel good by laughing about it.

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Syria: Turkish-Saudi Countermove In Lebanon Threatens Attack On Latakia | Moon of Alabama

A few weeks ago a Saudi prince was imprisoned in Lebanon after being caught loading two tons of amphetamine Captagon pills onto his private plane. There are also rumors that the Saudis recently found a video which showed Hizbullah operators training Yemeni Houthis in intelligence matters. This was seen as a direct attack on Saudi interests. The Saudis cut $4 billion of Saudi paid French weapon aid they had promised to the Lebanese military. A week ago they warned all their citizens to leave Lebanon.

The now caught ship is likely the result of Saudi and Turkish cooperation. The idea is reckless as it could throw Lebanon back into the terrible years of the Lebanese civil war. But the idea is also very bold which lets me believe that its origin is neither Saudi nor Turkish.

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Ukrainian Civil War: Where the Rebels Get Their Weapons, How they Use Them and What Their Most Effective Are | Sic Semper Tyrannis

Especially as the shattering scale of destruction becomes apparent – Poroshenko says that Ukraine lost two-thirds of its military equipment (just one video of dozens) – Westerners who have been misled by the propagandist character of their media outlets are ready to believe that Russia must have been supplying the rebels with weapons and ammunition. While it is likely that some stuff crossed the border, there is another source that few Westerners are aware of.

What most Western commentators do not understand is that the USSR was preparing to fight World War II all over again with huge armies fleshed out with millions of conscripts and reservists. Millions of soldiers need immense quantities of weapons and ammunition and they need them to be ready and waiting for them as they are mobilized Consequently there were arms dumps all over the western USSR. Most of these sites were named as the headquarters of a division which had a skeleton staff in peacetime but would receive a flood of reservists who would find everything they needed to go to war with waiting for them.

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