Syria Ceasefire 48 hrs In: Signs of Western Media Disinformation Appear


Amidst a stunning admission that the Syrian anti-Government forces are not familiar with the ceasefire resolution procedures, or what targets have been jointly discussed between the US and Russia in Syria as the Agreeement required, and silence from the US ceasefire coordination center in Amman, signs that Russia’s legally sanctioned strikes on al-Nusra are being cast as signs that the ceasefire is breaking down (as earlier predicted).

February 28, 2016

Immediately after the ceasefire deadline passed on Friday, February 26th midnight (early February 27th), initial Western media reports were subdued, even expressing surprise that there were no major violations of the ceasefire.

Russian Transparency

Meanwhile the Russians were busy publicly affirming having not only setting-up a ceasefire coordination and monitoring center in Hmeymim Airbase in Latakia, Syria as required in the US-Syria Agreement but gave briefings to the media in Moscow, updates on social media with links in English to…

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Stauffenberg was Right!

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