Heidegger’s Ghosts | Alexander Duff

Heidegger prescribes the retrieval of a lost authentic communal existence from behind history, by means of a revolutionary and future-oriented struggle against the smothering, conformist forms of universalism—an atavistic futurism of sorts. His political epigones differ on the particulars of this retrieved community—neither Heidegger’s German poetry, nor the Islamic Shi‘i identity of the Iranian Heideggerians, nor Dugin’s “Holy Rus” are widely adopted goals—but the structure is similar in each case. This should not be confused with traditionalism or conservatism, though contemporary far-rightists in this orbit sometimes identify as “Traditionalists.” Rather, the future orientation of this radicalism aspires to retrieve a new form of particularist communal existence from a past to which even tradition is blind.

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T-90 proves its survivability in Syria | VIDEO

A video surfaced in the internet of a missile attack on a T-90 tank on Syria’s territory. The tank survived a hit by a US-made anti-tank missile. According to the specialists, the incident suggests the T-90s advantages over Western tanks.

The video shows the moment in which a US-made TOW ATGM strikes the T-90. The incident took place west of Aleppo, in rural areas where the SAA has been actively fighting against the Islamic State. The missile was fired by some “Desert Hawk brigade which apparently is part of the “moderate opposition” or, more specifically, to the Free Syrian Army.

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The issue of the truce in Syria | Colonel Cassad

Therefore, the upcoming negotiations, Russia and Iran are likely to bargain with the US and Co. for as long as possible “transition period” during which Assad will remain in power until the matching suiting all reformatting Syria. US will naturally put pressure on Russia and Iran, so they forced Assad to leave immediately, but since this has not happened before, it is doubtful that this will happen after the changes have taken place at the front. While the United States will not retreat from the demands the immediate resignation of Assad to come to an agreement on the post-war settlement it will be difficult and the parties will continue to make do with situational compromises.

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Khanasser 26.02 | Colonel Cassad

By the evening of 26 February, government troops almost completely regained control of the road. In general, all that is left is the mopping-up operation and mine clearance, as well as to expand the zone of control along the route. Ultimately the attack of the Caliphate allowed it to win only a few days relief from the offensive in Raqqa and east of Aleppo. In March we will see how the Caliphate will be able to dispose of the time won .

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