The Islamist purge of the AKP begins | Today’s Zaman

Former President Abdullah Gül and ex-Foreign Minister Yaşar Yakış, who are both founders of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), were removed from the list of founders after they recently leveled criticism against both President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the party over what they called Turkey’s current misguided domestic and foreign policy.

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Khanasser 23.02 | Colonel Cassad

Yesterday’s statement about the complete liberation of the Khanasser – Aleppo road is clearly ahead of the event. Underestimating the Caliphate is clearly not worth it. February 22, “fire brigade” SAA has cleared most of the tracks and was fighting to the north of Khanasser to fully deblock supply lines. However, judging by the development of events, it was a diversionary strike that allowed the Caliphate to delay part of the forces SAA from Khanasser then strike force struck directly in the city and seized a portion that has a much more serious than just access to the highway, for controlling Khanasser, the Caliphate will prevent much as an effective supply of Syrian troops leading the offensive at Aleppo.

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Vladimir Putin’s address following adoption of a joint statement by Russia and US on Syria

Our negotiators held several rounds of closed consultations. As a result, we were able to reach an important, specific result. It was agreed that the cessation of hostilities in Syria commences at 00:00 (Damascus time) on February 27, 2016 on terms and conditions that are a part of the Russian-American statement.

The essence of these conditions is as follows: by 12:00 pm on February 26, 2016, all parties warring in Syria must indicate to the Russian Federation or our American partners their commitment to the cessation of hostilities. Russian and American troops will jointly delineate the territories where these groups are active. No military action will be taken against them by the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic, Russian Armed Forces and the US-led coalition. In turn, the opposition will cease all military action against the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic and other groups supporting them.

ISIS, Jabhat Al-Nursa, and other terrorist organisations designated by the United Nations Security Council, are excluded from the cessation of hostilities. Strikes against them will continue.

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Syria civil war: On the front line with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards battling outside Aleppo | Robert Fisk

The Iranian officer – and seven others had gathered round him in the hot afternoon, the crack and zip of bullets still breaking up our conversation – insisted that “to fight in the way of justice is martyrdom”. But then a team of Iranian military IT men arrived, serious, courteous, and wanted to look at our camera. They looked at the pictures of the mortar explosion and concluded that we were telling the truth – we were not spies. They were frightened that we had filmed their own strategic locations.

Then another younger man arrived, bearded but smiling broadly. “This is not the right place for you to be,” he said. “If you want to show the truth of what is happening, you should go to the north of Aleppo and you should see villages and how they’ve been destroyed and how those who rejected the rule of al-Nusra were treated. They have lost everything – their homes have been smashed – and even if the war was to end now, the clean-up and preparations to rebuild will take at least a decade. That’s how badly damaged everything is.”

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İlham Ehmed: Three federal regions will be formed in Syria | VIDEO

In the current state of affairs, Kurds and other forces in Rojava are determining how the Syrian system should be through the military achievements and the policy they put forward where they are present. It is now being discussed about a federal system in Syria in which Kurds in Federal Northern Syria will sustain an autonomous organisation and the system they have been building.

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The Middle East’s alphabet soup of Kurds, explained | Washington Post

In the U.S., the call to “arm the Kurds” has become a standard refrain of the presidential election campaign, with little recognition of the dizzying array of Kurdish factions operating in the midst of the region’s crises. Not all are working in tandem — some are in direct opposition to the other. What follows is a rough digest of the alphabet soup of prominent Kurdish groups in the Middle East.

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