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As a result of yesterday’s attack.

1. Turkey stated that it was the work of Kurdistan Workers’ Party, and bombed the territory of Peshmerga in Iraq, killing 60-70 people own statements.

2. The Kurds of the PYD in response stated that it was not their doing, and this is a provocation of the Caliphate. But it is quite clear that Turkey is the opinion of the Kurds for a long time does not pay attention. The explosion is enough good reason to justify the invasion and who carried it to the Turks in the long run is not so important, especially if the “perpetrators” are known in advance.

3. Caliphate certainly nothing on this is not said, as if it is really a provocation “black” in order to enhance the intensity of the war between their enemies, they certainly does not make sense to admit.

4. As a result of all was again to blame Assad, which Turkey has accused that he supported the Syrian Kurds. What’s funny, Washington also supports them.

5. Turkey continues to say that he wants to create a security zone in the “green enclave”, so to cover Azaz and prevent a complete rout of green, but in no way will be resolved until the invasion could not and requires (hehe) from Russia and the US, so that they stopped supporting the Kurds. Well, it is clear from the Russian, who only then does not require, but demand from the United States, it must be said uniform audacity.

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A forced peacemaking | Colonel Cassad

Overall, it is clear that Washington wants by establishing a truce between Assad and the “green” to save the map for future negotiations on the post-war settlement in Syria, and in the meantime focus on achieving military victory over the Caliphate, which in theory may help the Democrats retain the White House and to achieve at least some visible success in the middle East area. Hence the sudden attempts of peacekeeping, although in kindling the fire of the Syrian war, Obama did no less than Erdogan. But the changing military-political situation and the healthy pragmatism of the Americans is forcing them to play the peace doves, while not so long ago the same people were clamoring for war and the head of Assad at any cost. Now the primary task is to prevent the defeat of “green”, otherwise Assad will have no one with whom to conduct negotiations and U.S. policy again comes to a standstill. Therefore, one has to persuade both Russia and Turkey for the Kurds.

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Why Turkey is losing hope in Syrian border town of Azaz | Al-Monitor

Syrian regime forces, with Russian air support, had seized the Shiite towns of Nubl and Zahra between Afrin and the village of Baskoy in the east, thus severing the main supply route from Turkey to Aleppo. For armed groups to maintain their control of the Azaz-Marea line northwest of Aleppo and Idlib depends on keeping the Bukulmez and Yayladag gates open for logistics. With Syrian army advances on Turkmen Mountain, that route has been sharply restricted. But crossing to rural Idlib and from there to the northwest of Aleppo is still possible.

Despite all these efforts, the fall of Tell Rifaat to the SDF could not be prevented.

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