The Great Metaphysical Problem and Tradition | Alexander Dugin

Resolution of this great metaphysical problem is connected with the the esoteric mystery tradition, which is based on symbols drawn from a variety of sacred contexts, but it is beyond the scope of these forms. The moment of the final choice made inside this tradition, should logically coincide with the most critical point of the existence of not only the earth’s traditions, but also the whole of being.

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The battle for Aleppo 17.02.2016 | Colonel Cassad

Turkey still continues to make controversial statements, but to decisive action does not come to pass. The troops of the 2nd army has long been deployed along the Syrian-Turkish border, supplying the militant groups in the North of Aleppo, Latakia and Idlib continues, a new group of mercenaries are thrown, but these half-measures that cannot change negative developments for “green” threat of a full military defeat which to the North of Aleppo continues to grow. Turkey and Russia continue to quarrel in diplomatic and media field, but as long as things on the front are going well for the SAA, YPG and PYD, such a conflict certainly more favorable To Russia and than to the Turks.

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The terrorist attack in Ankara | Colonel Cassad

As already mentioned a few days ago, the terrorist attacks in Turkey are for a whole variety of reasons are inevitable. They are equally likely to be prepared by the Turkish secret services to justify intervention in Syria, the Kurds in retaliation for Turks punitive operations in Kurdish cities in Turkey and Syria, and the Islamic State, because they want to and can. Given that purposefully attacked the military is more likely that this is the work of the PKK (share in the spirit of undermining the police station in Diyarbakir) as Alaverdi for Ephrin attacks and casualties in Sura and Cizre. While repeat – are possible and other options. But the fact that they will happen again and again, in my opinion – for granted.

The general sense of what is happening is that whatever option is not chosen Erdogan, he certainly will not be without blood. Considering how much Erdogan has accumulated many enemies and weapons are now deposited in Syria and Iraq, it is not difficult to understand that the consequences of a failed policy wonderful Sultan of Turkey will be very deplorable – Turkish policy in Syria returns home.

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