Yemen ulcer | Colonel Cassad

While the Saudis rattling weapons in Syria, things are in Yemen are not going well. While it is unclear that the Saudis are going to do with this war, because it is already very much delayed, the desired objectives have not been achieved, and the cost of its maintenance are constantly increasing.

It is a demonstration of attacking Huthis the position of the Saudi army (like the GP).


In addition to this case, it is worth noting death 20 Saudi soldiers and officers as a result of firing rockets Qaher-I Aerodrome Jizan.
Two rockets fell on buildings at the airport, after which Huthis announced the deaths of dozens of troops in Saudi Arabia. Saudis admitted 20 killed.
Just missile bombardment Maas airbase in central Yemen.

In the evening when the light is not cut down (the last 3 days after 6 usually turned off) will lay out a selection of photos and videos from Yemen.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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