Su-34 with anti-ship missile X-35У in Syria | BMPD


On last 11 February 2016 in Moscow a press briefing of the Ministry of defense of Russia about the actions of group of the Russian space forces in Syria, the wall screen flashed a video showing the current Syrian airfield Hamim front-line bomber su-34 (tail number “22 red”) with mounted anti-ship missiles X-35У.

Press conference of the Ministry of defense of Russia, which took place on 11 February, 2016 in Moscow, gave a new topic for discussion. So, the blog bmpd.livejournal drew attention to a new Russian aircraft weapons in Syria.



For video presentations in the hall, which hosted a chat with reporters, flashed footage of the Russian front-line bomber su-34, which carried anti-ship missile X-35У. This video was made on the Syrian airfield Hamim, and the bomber has a tail number “22 red”.


0_9e23e_6ab162fb_orig (1)


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