Syrian troops battle-test latest Kalashnikovs | Southfront

This war is the first where the AK-104 has seen action but, like other Kalashnikov rifles, it too has demonstrated its phenomenal dependability and ease of use, which earned it the Syrian soldiers approval.

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Preliminary exchange | Colonel Cassad

1. Russia proposed to start a truce in Syria since March, 1st.
2. The United States demanded a truce to start immediately.
3. In the end, agreed on a compromise that the truce will begin on February 19-20. Assad has about a week to improve his positions in Latakia and Aleppo.
4. List of opposition organizations that need to negotiate with Assad never agreed, so there is a high probability that the 2nd series of talks will end as the 1st.
5. The truce does not extend to the Caliphate and Al-Nusra, so that the war will not end as such.
6. In a number of government and opposition enclaves to begin humanitarian aid delivery. supply control issue (under the guise of which can be pumped weapons) remained open.
7. Between the American and Russian coalition should be made more dense contacts. This question will be discussed today.
8. The role of Turkey and the Kurdish question to remain behind the scenes.

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Syria on fire | MAPS VIDEO

The rumored spring offensive in Syria is now unleashed. The five objectives are:

1-The final liberation of Aleppo and the destruction of all remaining Jihadi pockets in and around the city.

2-The reconquest of the area north of Aleppo all the way to the Turkish border, cutting the major Turkish supply line to the Jihadi formations in western Syria and linking up the three Kurdish cantons into a contiguous state.

3-The encirclement and systematic destruction of all Jihadi/rebel forces in Latakia and Idlib, leading to the liberation of western Syria and possibly even the Hatay province.

4-The clearing of major Jihadi pockets south of Damascus and the reestablishment of government control over the southern border.

5-The liberation of Al-Raqqa Governorate’s strategic Tabaqa Military Airport

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Why Assad’s Army Has Not Defected | Kamal Alam

The fact remains: The moderate Syrian opposition only exists in fancy suits in Western hotel lobbies. It has little military backing on the ground. If you want to ask why Assad is still the president of Syria, the answer is not simply Russia or Iran, but the fact that his army remains resilient and pluralistic, representing a Syria in which religion alone does not determine who rises to the top. The military also represent as challenge against the spread of terrorism, which is why three of the top British generals of the last five years have openly called for the recognition that the Syrian Arab Army, loyal to President Assad, is the only force capable of defeating ISIS and Al Qaeda in the Levant.

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Syria civil war: World powers agree ‘cessation of hostilities’ | Independent

US Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters in Munich that Syrian peace negotiations should resume in Geneva as soon as possible. He said that the cessation in hostilities would not include Western operations against Isis and other miliant groups fighting in Syria.

Mr Kerry said the ceasefire plan was “ambitious” and said the real test would be whether the parties honoured the commitments.

America’s top diplomat, flanked by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and UN envoy Staffan de Mistura, acknowledged that the meeting produced commitments on paper only. He and Mr Lavrov agreed that the “real test” will be whether all parties to the Syrian conflict honor those commitments.

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