Rules for Radical Cowboys | Akira

I am absolutely sympathetic to the Hammond case and believe that a radical political provocation around their cause could have been used to good effect. Instead we have a complete train wreck, with one man dead and everyone else now in route to the razor wire slave camp, probably for life. On Monday the locals protesting to demand that the militia occupiers go home outnumbered the militia supporters:


Instead of recoiling from such a grievous defeat and soberly reflecting on the obvious causes, the Libertarians will now rush to take up as loudly as possible an argument they have already lost. No thinking will occur at all, because that would interfere with your endless moral posturing competition and your Militia-Action-Playset role playing games.

Revolution 101:

If you want to work within the political system to shut down the police state, you will have to have the American people on your side.

If you want to overthrow the state with a revolution, you will also have to have the American people on your side.

Nothing is going to change (except to get worse) unless you have the support of the American people. Without it you are a marginal crank with some bitcoins and a plastic gun. That means that you must engage in radical politics in order to get them on your side.

#1-Anything you say on Facebook can and will be used against you by a lawless police state, and in a court of “law” to convict you and all your friends for multiple life sentences.

#2-Crank legal theories will not protect you from a one way ticket to the razor wire slave camp. Not getting caught will. Think on that instead.

#3-The first rule of not getting caught is STFU. Why don’t you try some of that? Start by deleting every single social media account.

#4-Instead of playing dress up for the Militia Action Playset, you need to look and act like a normal American when you are trying to speak to the public. No one is looking to follow heavily armed idiots.

#5-Conspiracy theories are not real politics, much less radical politics. They mobilize no one, threaten nothing, and they put your “movement” on the same shelf as UFO books and Bigfoot sightings. No one is going to risk their life and sacred honor for Alex Jones bullshit.

#6-In the real world, the problem is not with “controlled” oppositions but with FAILED oppositions that never even make it to a point where the system would need to co-opt them. The greatest and most persistent enemy of your political success is the one you see in the mirror every morning.

#7-Something is radical because it threatens the root of a system of power, not because it is taboo, obscure, or bizarre. Spreading monetary conspiracy theories within your in-group is completely meaningless. Actually shutting down the federal reserve system would be an extremely dangerous and radical act.

#8-When you show up for a “peaceful protest” all decked out like a blackwater goon in tactical gear (with three assault rifles and seven pistols), you communicate very effectively that you are not a peaceful protester but a heavily armed idiot looking for a shoot out with the feds.

#9-The Militia-Action-Playset is only an attractive proposition to other psychotics who can no longer tell reality from a video game, who have spent their entire adult lives hanging out in the WND forums, and who are thus completely socially retarded and absolutely unable to communicate with anyone outside of their marginal subculture.

#10-If you want to actually accomplish anything, you need to throw away your copy of Atlas Shrugged and pick up a copy of Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.



Stauffenberg was Right!

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